You Can’t Leave this Roblox Game

You Can’t Leave this Roblox Game and it is AWFUL how broken and good this is for scam places…
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This is one of my standard Laughability lets play videos, I see some really bad Roblox experiences that could be trending on TikTok.

Last time I asked What is the Most Disliked Roblox Game? and today I see the worst Roblox places that use a glitch to break Roblox… FUN!

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  1. i got in one of this games and ALT f4 really helps

  2. The "You Can't Leave this Game" games might be little kids thinking that naming the game "You Can't Leave this Game" will activate the script or something, when you have to make the script manually.

  3. I went to a world and I got trapped in rainbow friends 2 (fake) and I had to restart my phone I forgot to report it

  4. all of these games arent bad as meepcity 4 that literally cant let you alt f4

  5. "haha you can't leave"

    The square on the bottom of a phone: you sure about that?

  6. Peaple who are mobile:😬😬😬😬😬

  7. for mobile i tried one of these cant leave games then managed to leave first try because of the X used to not join a server

  8. If all else fails you can open another game and I think it will close the scam one

  9. The one time that the 20 minute afk destroyer is useful

  10. Game: You can't leave me
    Me: I know but he can
    Afk for 20 minutes

  11. "Alt F4 is the solution to all problems"
    Mobile people: 👁👄👁

  12. me not playing on fullscreen and clicking the [X] in the top right corner: Are you sure about that?

  13. 6:39 pause and look at the name of a room thingy idk i haven't used discord but look at the name of it laugh is gonna get demonetized

  14. Or just be afk for 20 mins that's how i do it

  15. everyone : 'using other things'
    me whos not full screen ; 'presses X'

  16. "you can't leave this game"
    Let me introduce you to my good o'l friend

  17. Are we not gonna talk about the voice channel that says I LIKE SHIT & DICK COCK

  18. Ppl with mobile just exit the app wait 10 seconds and when u enter the app again u will be kicked out of any game

  19. I’m using an iPad I can just press the circle and leave 🗿

  20. "u cant leave this game"

    task manager: Hello motherfucker

  21. How to leave a Roblox game that you can’t leave: press command – Q to quit Roblox if you are on apple iMac

  22. Hey,
    If Everything Is Not Working, Try This Mechanism,
    So After You Rejoin, Fast Press Cross At The Top Right Corner. This Mechanism Is Abandoned By Many Players, But I Saw It, And Using It In
    Every Can't Leave Scam Game.

  23. I Played one of those games and I tried every strategy and the only way I could get out was by joining a different game, so it made me leave.

  24. if you're on Mobile, simply do what you usually do when your mom tells you, "your late for school " press either the square button or circle, both will make you exit, but circle is best bet

  25. One time I could not leave a game on Roblox and what did I do?,I just removed the file

  26. ️X̸̡̢̧̹͔̣̻̜̬̻̘͂͐̓͆̕D̸̢̮̫̰̥̗̘̱͉͙͙̺̫̏͒̅̌

  27. you can leave game? if your pc shutdown your pc

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