You Can Unblock Websites On School Chromebook?! 😳 #chromebook #schoolhacks


  1. alright let me tell you a story so i was in 5th grade right? i come back after a nice summer vacation only to find out they blocked coolmathgames, scatch, and poptropica. My entire school was absolutely outraged

  2. Verrrryyyy important to know that you should not login with your personal credentials when browsing with this tool. It is likely stored.

  3. Dang I could could've became popular but I'm in online school now 😢

  4. I cant even have fun on my computer and play roblox or sum because the weird people want to watch the hub and shit😢

  5. If school blocked Google
    Make own search engine (if you have money and have programming skills)

  6. I found the password to unblock stuff for my school

  7. litearlly yall dumb. obviously school blocks the proxy and any other websites other than educational purposed ones. sherlock we can't download anything since the school litearlly blocked everything stupid

  8. When they block websites you can unblock websites on

  9. Bro it shows a different thing you have

  10. Ok you have helped me so much I even subscribed after watching 3 videos. Now I can play TF2 on my chrome book hehehhehe

  11. Blocked work u just gotta find a web drag it on the tab and boom

  12. I found a proxy and they blocked all of then after i found mine. Me and my friends have been trying to find one for years 😢

  13. Do your school work and quit lying in school

  14. I didn’t even watch the video I bet it doesnt work

  15. Can u put more I have no more app pls I need YouTube on my school computer please help me

  16. man i clicked on chrome it was blocked gotta use edge

    (if u want u can reply by saying "YEAAAHHHH"- idk..-)

  18. I just got blocked for security reasons

  19. Bro I tried this out it brought me to porn hub with a dick going in to somebody’s moth and sex

  20. Bro i logged into Facebook in my school chromebook🥲

  21. Are you having any trouble meeting the minimum age for fortnite

  22. can someone just tell me the link i cant get to the other vid

  23. My school blocked every proxy I could basically find

  24. The fact that every single one was blocked😅

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