xQc Just Unboxed THIS Rare Knife…

xQc Just Unboxed THIS Karambit Case Hardened while going for the Stat Trak Blue Gem $1.5 million dollar Knife
Steam Group:
Twitter: @wyldlive
#xqc #xqccsgo #shorts


  1. Bro is he actually got a great pattern considering it's FN it could've been one of the greatest unboxings in a whiiile

  2. Why is it worth real money and why so much money?

  3. Where to cash my csgo inventory

  4. He's your #1. Soda made him lol i was there

  5. Blud went crazy for Piss gem but i love this reactions so W

  6. It’s basically full gold on the side you see the most of in game, i see that as lovely

  7. xQc parents still waiting for his first words…

  8. Honestly who turns down a 1.5 million dollar offer for a knife

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