Wreck-It Ralph: Ralph in Hero’s Duty Clip (HD)

Ralph gets more than what he had hoped for on finding his metal in Hero’s Duty.

All rights to this video go to Disney.


  1. You get to play as a space marine!

    A Starcraft space marine

  2. β€œWhen did video games become so violent and scary?!”

  3. 2 dollars for a Rail shooter, that's highway robbery!

  4. Hey, if I were in a situation like that (maybe inside a riot, gang fight, or looting), I would act a lot like Ralph.

  5. As I was playing Helldivers 2, I could only think of this…

  6. Hahahahhahaha immagine playing a game and this happens and you have payed for play that match and an npc grab your camera and make you lost ahahahah what a waste of money

  7. I love how the comment section is flooded with people calling this helldivers 2.

  8. All right. Now listen cuz I'm only going to say this once.

  9. POV your new in helldivers 2 and your playing with yo homies that are level 20

  10. FOR SUPER EARTH!on a serious note tho, ralph should have at least tried calling in a stratagem

  11. "when did videogames become so violent and scary!?" About 1998

  12. When you take your lvl 3 cadet friend to a suicide mision.

  13. Oh sweet lady liberty, the automatons and terminids have started breeding!!!

  14. POV you think Helldivers 2 is going to be a fun shooter game

  15. Level 3 cadet getting thrown into Helldive difficulty POV

  16. Back here because Helldivers 2 reminds me of this.

  17. Who knew that we would finally get a real life Heroes Duty in the form of Helldivers 2 in 2024? What a time to live

  18. Can anyone tell me what song is playing? Is it trance?

  19. The mini map is really funny to me lol.

  20. As a child I found this scene scary but now it's just plain hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜†

  21. Sony or Microsoft you need to make this a game

  22. Background Song: Skrillex – Bug Hunt
    (if anyone's curious about the background song)

  23. I love shooter games like this at arcades, I wish I could play this πŸ˜†

  24. Shooting game has Breaking 4th Wall

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