Wreck-It Ralph: Ralph in Hero’s Duty Clip (HD)

Ralph gets more than what he had hoped for on finding his metal in Hero’s Duty.

All rights to this video go to Disney.


  1. reference as warhammer 40k, starcraft, halo, doom, titanfall, quake, gears of war, starship troopers and be-a walker

  2. No cuts no butts no coconuts 🤣

  3. If hero’s duty was a real game it should be rated m for Mature or t for Teen like you wouldn’t know if Calhoun says bad words

  4. I think the Cy-bugs despite not speaking they were portrayed by Frank Welker.

  5. One little detail I noticed while watching this again for the first time in ages, Ralph accidentally fires his rifle while running away at 1:17 like any panicked person would. And speaking of the number 117, his rifle makes the same noise an Assault Rifle does in Halo: Combat evolved. Which we're all certain that Hero's Duty takes inspiration from.

  6. With those uniforms it reminds me of Call of duty. But Calhoun reminds me of Samus Aran from Metroid.

  7. This is definitely gonna scare young children.

  8. I would absolutely love for this whole Hero's Duty stuff to be a full on movie

  9. If there was a Wreck-It Ralph 3, there is going to be cards instead of tokens to play.

  10. It just cracks me up when Ralph was extremely cowardly interfering with the first person shooter.

  11. [Ralph not going well in the game]0:55 [Regretting his plan]1:06 [Not participating]1:14 [Trying to not die]1:22 [Loosing his weapon]1:33 [Getting freaked out]1:47 [Running away for safety]1:53 [Panicking]1:56 [Overreacting]2:03 [Trying to save himself]🤣All are ridiculously funny [to me]🤣

  12. TBH the doctor at this part 0:10 gave me goosebumps when I was a kid

  13. I think we can All Agree that Ralph would never Survive a COD Lobby.

  14. Major props to the Disney animators for getting Jane Lynch’s real-life facial expressions accurately done.

  15. Ralph was talking like a Saints Row reboot character

  16. "sigma" anti-furries going to war and realizing this isn't a fucking joke:

  17. I've been looking for this everywhere! Thank you!

  18. Ralph in this scene is basically how I would react to be in a first person shooter. :3

  19. "When did video games become so violent and scary?!" I feel the same way lol

  20. can they make a another move of about what happens in xbox 360 games?

  21. They announced sounds like a Microsoft Sam.

  22. 00:29 “it’s your mama’s proud time!!” I love this line

  23. This is like Call Of Duty except in a nutshell.

  24. I feel like Disney dropped the ball by not getting Jennifer Hale to voice Calhoun.

  25. Hero's Duty should be released itself as video game.

  26. If this game was real and for PlayStation or Xbox, I’ll play it

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