Who Remembers old Pixel Gun 3d😕😕? #shorts


  1. Bro I remember playing that in my bedroom on my old ipad😢

  2. Now it’s just people flying around headshotting u with one shot

  3. For People don t know this game this is pixel gun 3d this game was realesed since 2013 it like 10 years ago and there are maps to figth you have guns and knife there are Blue and Red side

  4. Your on the Blue side as everytime you can t be red and you have 2 or 3 minutes to defeat team red and which side has more kills Wins the game

  5. It's not a game, it's a piece of video game history to be known as that one game 99.99 percent of people didn't know and was a minecraft rip off with guns.

  6. Man pixel gun 3d was something to my life i just wanna thank the develeper in person

  7. bro the slender forest and the hospital give me scary ahh memories

  8. Im just 12 but i used to play pixel gun gives me nostalgia

  9. Aw man I remember everything it was the best no toxic kids nothing like that. man when it was old I thought it was cool. now I don’t even know what to say about it 😢

  10. He was my anything, but he left my. Now I'm nothing

  11. Ummmmmmmmmmm i played it and didn't know it was such a big thing back then i literally thought it was a unpopular game barley anyone plays 😐


  13. Yall remember when playing the forest on pixelated world for this first time😢

  14. Please add back "parkour city" map
    That's my favorite

  15. This person is a Saudi YouTuber called Dahoumi 999

  16. The big green alien skin was my favorite 🥲

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