Who is THE MAN FROM THE WINDOW?! (Cartoon Animation)

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When Junior Rabbit reads a eerie book called “The Man From the Window”, his Mom begins to worry. Soon they hearing tapping on the windows. Now they only have minutes to find a hiding spot and try to prevent The Man From the Window to take his next victim…

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  1. I've seen the man from the window luckily I and my family survived

  2. My anger when Junior didn't listen to his mama.

  3. Would've been funnier to see "THE MAN FROM THE WINDOW" grabbing some sort of food from the fridge when he checked the UHHHHHHHH fridge

  4. Let's see if other GameToons characters can survive the Man from the Window.


  6. The woman from the door happened to me last night

  7. the actor of junior sounds like baby long legs

  8. They butchered mama’s bunnies big “basketballs”!

  9. What if the is is a game of how animals feel when people take animals

  10. U guys should do man from the window origan story


  12. Maybe the man just wants to make friends. Everyone is just judging him by his looks.

  13. The man as human could have also been a writer. Because what if he was the one who wrote the book. That would make scene. Wouldn’t it?

  14. Wait the woman from the door book oh no

  15. The man from the window is quite the odd fellow. With his big,beady eyes and sunken nose ,why he just wants to say hello…

  16. Why. You. Didn’t. Make. a. Part. 2 Animation

  17. why be cos he get that book is danggres😮

  18. I love the jump scare and how it’s animated keep it up 👍

  19. Hey gametoons I heard that there's a new man from the window 2 check it out

  20. The man from the window 2 came out man.😱

  21. Wen you hear him tap tap taping you Now you start hid hid hiding 😈😈😈

  22. Why dose he have pants 🤔🤔🤔👖👖

  23. The man got the detective. What did he do with him?

  24. It’s like he disappears in a snap how is he so fast?

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