When a bullet shoots through the earth

It’s GunSpin.
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ABOUT – GunSpin
Gunspin is a physics game where you shoot a gun to keep it flying for as long as possible. Upgrade your gun with more bullets and power to make it travel even further.
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  1. the random phone ringing in the beginning tho

  2. Grey go back to the first gun and btw I am also new devil haha see you soon jerk

  3. whats the song when the pirates gun he obtains pls

  4. What is game? (I will sub and like if u do or I might do now)

  5. Gray: (wondering why you can shoot 7 shots from a 6 shot revolver)
    Also Gray: (casually firing 15 shots from a single shot flintlock, not questioning it in any way)

  6. That game looks fun wish I knew the game name. 😂 so I could play it.

  7. The NES zapper was actually what the gun was called. I dont think they are that concerned about copyright lol.

  8. When he goes really really fast it looks like it goes backwards

  9. i love how he said bye like nothing happend🤣🤣

  10. Ma bro always braking the games☠️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. The fact that the super shotgun from doom got 21444 is actually crazy counting that 444 is angel numbers

  12. some times i think he is going backward not forward

  13. Someon know the name of game

  14. mid monkey intelligence bero form btd6

  15. Fun fact when you got shot super high in the sky and then go to the next gun you were exactly at 40%

  16. ive always been wondering how many times gray has said alright at the start of all of his videos

  17. Indeed you did break the game because the ground has glitched and they forgot to put ground there like in a minute you did not go through the ground or break the game. The game broke itself 😊

  18. That was Amazing its Awesome Fast to gun its 10000m place im so Happy its ammo 10 so Absolutely Something Comments is Nice( Gray im Click in Like and Subscribe it's Great Job Gamer:)

  19. You know your going fast when the ammo boxes look like they're teleporting and
    The ground floor is unstable

  20. Is this on pc if it is steam or is it on epic games

  21. “You can’t just shoot a hole through the middle of mars.”

    Gray: “are you sure about that?”

  22. Graystillplays videos: today we are using a shovel to dig to Ohio or the Center of the earth but on another galaxy

  23. Wow, 40k has gotten so big shitty phone games are referencing it, that Bolt Gun is the main weapon of Warhammer Space Marines,

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