What is HIP FIRE / ADS in Call of Duty Mobile? CoD Tips for NEW PLAYERS

What is HIP FIRE / ADS in Call of Duty Mobile? CoD Tips for NEW PLAYERS

In today’s video: what is hip fire in cod mobile? What is ADS in Call of Duty Mobile? How to hip fire for the gold camo grind in codm? If you grind gold platinum and damascus in cod mobile, you need to kill ennemies with hip fire to unlock the camo. So how to kill ennemies with hip fire if you dont know how to hip fire?? It’s all in the settings and today I show you all you need to know!

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  1. The question im looking for is if i can use hipfire while still be able to look around and ads

  2. Am I the only one who just used the left hand fire button to shoot and the scope button. With ADS On. Without even thinking about hipfire or ADS.

  3. Had to search for this coz I wanted a gold skin and I was left with hipfire

  4. how can i switch from ads to hip fire while in game?

  5. Thank you for your big help.😃

  6. Thanks now I can unlock the weapon skins to get the mythical skins.

  7. Thankyou, this is a proper tutorial 💕

  8. Every since I started watching your videos you inspired me to keep working hard on call of duty mobile and I almost unlocked the golden camel thank you so much love you man

  9. Thanks I have been so confused about hipfire😅

  10. Thank you so much I had no idea how to hip fire

  11. Ok but how do I get both ads and hip fire on my screen

  12. "Remember, firing from the hip is always faster than aiming." – IDK

  13. I’ve watch like 4 videos and this is the ONLY video that helped. Thank you so much!

  14. How do I make marksman srs shoot continuously? It shoots only when I tap the button

  15. Thank you, this video explains it nicely, especially for new players. It’s one of those ”Oh!, so that’s how it works!” videos. 😅

  16. Thx man I was tryna get the diamond thing but I didn’t know how to get get it 😅

  17. Really appreciate your content and style of speaking. You explain clearly and simply. Thanks much!!

  18. I made the changes to my settings and it’s a LITERAL game changer. SO much better.

  19. I didn’t know what hip fire was ., I viewed other videos but, none were as clear as you were’ plain and simple. Very helpful ❤

  20. I been playing codm for over a year and idk how use hip fire 😢

  21. Appreciate it man , been looking everywhere

  22. 𝓶𝓪𝓰𝓲𝓬 𝓷𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 says:

    I needed this to unlock my fav gun…chopper

  23. other question is: why ppl play mobile games on their pc ?

  24. Thank you bro i was trying to figure out what hip fire mean i got like 17 kills on my rus with hip fire but I didn't know how i did it

  25. Bro I’m using hip fire but when I Cheak my kills for dragon skin to get gold it says 0 kills in hip fire

  26. Have anyone actually mastered this? Especially in longer ranges

  27. 3:43 in layout I have the right ads button in place but ingame its not there. WHHHYYY!?? Please help

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