Was 14-Year-Old Who Died at Orlando Amusement Park Too Heavy for Ride?

Tyre Sampson, the gentle giant who plunged to his death at an amusement park in Orlando, Florida, stood at 6 foot 5, and weighed over 300 pounds. The 14-year-old had reportedly been turned away from at least two other rides at the park because of his size. The accident happened at ICON Park, where the 430-foot FreeFall ride is a popular attraction. In Europe, the maximum passenger weight on the ride is 287 pounds; in the US, there is no maximum weight restriction.


  1. I mean he would've been dead anyhow by obesity


  3. If he was to heavy, don’t you think there would be a weight capacity to go on the ride? Or possibly say something.

  4. Rip this kid I can’t imagine how much the parents felt😢😢✝️😇😇😇😇💜💜❤️🙏🙏😢😢💗💗💕💔

  5. This is so sad 🙁 I feel bad for the family and friends, that’s so awful…

  6. he should atleast experience fun stuff like other people

  7. This is heart breaking for so many reasons. I feel very bad for his best friend that was there.

  8. This is one of the worst stories I've ever heard. I feel horrible for him, his family and everyone at the park who witnessed this. I can't imagine how scared he was when he was slipping out of his seat. That must've been terrifying. May he rest in peace and my heart goes out to his family. Glad the ride is shut down. He didn't deserve to have this happen to him.

  9. Those people saying we just need better seatbelts so they can make money when people go on it no people you need to close that down RIP nice young man!

  10. I hope this person rest in peace, 🙏🙏🙏

  11. Tip: If they say you can’t get on, its probably AND most likely for your own good.

  12. Telling by the thumbnail, I can tell that kid was too big for the ride and couldn't fit in that seat.

  13. tyre sampson died in rest in peace going to heaven 😥😥😥😥😥

  14. How is there no maximum weight allowed on a ride like that?

  15. whew that was loude when he hit the floor

  16. Crazy how these amusement park will find anyway to get around it these accidents coming up with every excuse

  17. If that can happen to one, it can happen to anyone. That ride isn't safe.

  18. Some rides in Australia have a set of scales to weigh a rider before they go on, did this ride have one?

  19. They should an weight limit for these rides

  20. Still till this day i feel soo bad for the Parents, friends and family that was there, and the parents witnessed their 14 year old child smashing down to the floor and just the sound of him hitting that ground is just sad condolences to the family may he rest and peace 🕊️

  21. I have a feeling the ride worker was afraid to tell the kid he was too big to ride. Either be called fat shaming or racist. So the guy didnt say anything. Very sad story.

  22. There’s no weight limit in the U.S. because
    A. Lots of people won’t be able to ride and
    B. It can be considered as fat/weight shaming

  23. It’s not his fault that his apparently to big for the ride it’s the operators fault people, I feel so bad for his parents it’s not about what he weighed it’s the operator’s fault for not buckling him up properly like I feel so bad for his parents rest in peace

  24. Imagine trying to have fun but you pass away

  25. Big boy kil how😂😂😂😂😂😂😮😢😢🎉

  26. Stop worrying about fat shaming and tell them the truth, it'll actually save lives

  27. My take is this. If someone doesn't fit the height or weight requirement for a ride, don't let them on the ride. I don't care how that may crush someone's spirit or hurt their feelings. Sometimes it is better to be deprived and alive instead of satisfied and dead. They would have to hate me, slander my name on the Internet for discrimination or whatever they wanna do. But once you exceed hazardous limitations I'm going to blatantly deny you access. At that moment your safety would be my priority and I am not going to put your life in jeopardy just to please you. Kick rocks😪

  28. This makes me sick thinking how the people beside him and him

  29. He looks like he was too heavy. They show the reopen the road back up, but fix it up.

  30. I think about him all the time and get sad I’ll never forget this it makes me sad asl af

  31. You can literally see how the harness is resting at a higher angle in respect to the seat making it easy for him to slip out

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