Video shows #nashville shooter entering #school

Nashville police have released surveillance video showing how a shooter entered a private Christian school before opening fire.

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#shorts #Nashville #shooting


  1. Pronouns went from they them to was were in an instant

  2. Escuelas en Latinoamérica: vamos a fumar…

    Escuelas en USA: vamos a crear un tiroteo

  3. Looks like a training video to me. Absolutely fake and set up. Not sure what really happen, but im a video editor and this is one hundred percent fake

  4. Please release her journal! Stop hiding the truth!!

  5. its crazy how shootings can be talked about for years, but this was forgotten after a few days. we all know why.

  6. That’s a kel-tec sun 3000 it’s in nine mil and it is the furthest thing from an AR

  7. They shoudladd the doors with like the thing when its glass are broken it automatically calls the police and sets off a silent alarm to the classes and bathrooms

  8. That’s a gold pcc 9mm not an AR15 or M4 style rifle B’s news and B’s real facts😢😮😊😢😢

  9. Should have shown in the moment the cops killed the thing

  10. This was my friend's brother and he shot me 5 times

  11. That is a keltec s2000 with 33rd mag. It is not at style in anyway

  12. Journalist 👁️ are bold FACED Liars 👁️🌏

  13. HuMANanaans 🐧 beware 👁️ don't believe A WORD the Mainstream media 👁️ is telling you they the Journalist are socially engineering you with each report 👁️ on social media as well 👁️ 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎 it is trying to create Anarchy so that More MOORISH children 🫁 are wiped out and TRUTH 👻 is Ethnically cleanseD 👁️ 🌏

  14. We need to go back to Christ!…HE IS OUR ONLY HOPE! LET'S REPENT FOR PUTTING God away from our lives

  15. Do not persecute the messengers from God! Let us preach the gospel!

  16. Smfh this is sad he has the kel tec rifle that folds in half people like this is gonna get it messed up for us law abiding citizens that just wanna be prepared for if you know what hits the fan

  17. Real Chi legend Evil.G streetcommander says:

    Why school whats about school s.Why devil's.

  18. Hi point carbine not anything close to an AR style rifle . Stupid.

  19. This was a hate crime….. nobody wants to admit it out loud.

  20. this all wouldnt have happened if the state/country put more laws on guns!!

  21. I’m so glad that all people did not die!

    This is why my school has Metal doors

  22. Wow just asking to get killed by police

  23. Yeah targeting Christians Republicans. This is the modern democrat for you. The modern trans activist murdering psychopath

  24. Wasted like 15 bullets to get through Glass… & Life so so sad. May lord help America Oman

  25. More trans violence against Christian children. Why don't they acknowledge this on the news like they acknowledge so-called white supremacy. Also who's arming these pathetic people and directing them to children. Shouldn't be too hard to find out with the weapon.

  26. 🙏🔑💪⚡✝️〽️🔒❤️💯❗

  27. It should be called terrorist attack..

  28. This what happens when you let people cut their testiculs

  29. If u wanted a good child raise them on the Asian countries 😂❤

  30. Wo ist die Menschlichkeit bei den Menschen..!?

  31. Stop misleading people, you all calling them a arm tell the people it's a member of the LGBT that shot and killed those Christian children.. when we have men running around her in dress trying to tell real men what to do, it's not happening… I don't need to money or financial benefits from no transexual..

  32. That is nothing like an ar. I can tell from the grainy video even, that is a carbine chambered in a pistol caliber. Im so sick of this narative. Stop blaming the weapon!

  33. Weirdo! Yet black people are deemed as the problem…

  34. Culture problem he should have gotten a job. He probably on welfare and food stamps. So sick of the gangsters. Where was WLM when this happened. I’m sure his father wasn’t in the house. Wait I got it he was having a bad day.

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