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  1. so this video been out for 2 years and now it gets Age-restricted

    thats fucking bullshit

  2. That Vegas, baby a literal apocalyptic land, housing a Madman, running Lord death of murder Mountain

  3. Time to make my biannual visit to this masterpiece

  4. What's the name of the song at the beginning??

  5. the build badger used was also the build I used when I played New Vegas

  6. Love this video so much. I really wish badger does more story mode games again.

  7. The into looks like a legit trailer for the game

  8. I have too love how Yes Man's voice actor plays Chris from Dan Vs. They are basically the same character and use the exact same voice. Chris is just hungry, he is willing to dig up graves and kill the wolf man for scratching Dan's car, this man is amazing.

  9. Why is this video age restricted? People have no fun.

  10. As a Jewish kid Valiant Hearts was the coolest shit in the fuckin world. I still quote Graham to this day.

    And no game has ever felt the same way since

  11. Please play this again… but murdelate EVERYONE you physically can. 🙂

  12. I play new Vegas I kill everyone in the casino

  13. Not even 3 minutes in and im cracking up! So excited for this one XD

  14. I don’t choose the faction that supports slavery, sexism, or idiot tactics like “Guns are forbidden” so my choices are taxes or no guns….Ugh better learn how to do taxes

  15. The day badger plays fallout 3 as well will make my life substantially better

  16. What did the ncr do wrong they are a bit ambitious but proly the best for the mojave

  17. Am i the only one who noticed the guy who said fuck the ncr at the beggining looked strangely like dwight farfield from dead by daylight

  18. “Nope not shooting cachino”

    vats blows his fucking head off anyway

  19. Fun fact if you ask about those statues literally everyone is just like yea nah that shits cringe

  20. So problem with the white gloves, Mortimer is the one behind it the lady actually isn't a cannibal and wants to get rid of their past Mortimer wants to keep their situation going

  21. “I fucking hate beurocrats” -Russian badger video I forgot

  22. Best Fallout game I've played is Fallout New Vegas and the DLC completes it.

  23. i did an ncr ranger build and the anti material rifle is so satisfying every single time it pops a centurions head

  24. I honestly would love to talk to badger sometime

  25. i know it's been two years for this, but i gotta say it makes sense for a sub brick intelligence character to side with the only npc in the game who is dumber than a mole rat. Litterally. Look it up, snuffles the mole rat in sloan has a higher int stat

  26. Imagine the last you see being an absolute maniac with no moral compass (aka badger).

  27. I, in fact, have seen someone use nukes in cqb

  28. i remembered watching this when it came out and started wondering where my life went wrong when i saw it again

  29. Badger: the omertàs are complete pieces of s$&t
    Love that line

  30. I like just using v.a.t.s when i move so if theres any enemys arround that i dont see then i find them

  31. You should do more videos on fallout this was so funny

  32. Fallout new Vegas is basicly just terrorist simulator

  33. I wanna see Badgers face when he realizes you start this game by getting a lead lobotomy from Chandler off Friends.

  34. 4:50 the moment I saw JFK enter vats options I knew the head was gonna be picked.

  35. FUCK THE NCR! Straight up makes man meet Jesus in one shot

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