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  1. Tried the badger build on some geckos and boy does it commit mass murder

  2. This video is canon in my Badger timeline since he met The King

  3. can please someone count how many times there was said/written Fuck the NCR?

  4. I took you advice for my first playthrough, and it was 100% worth it.

  5. This video made me get the game. Thank you. Ave true to caesar.

  6. “Like the site of your own blood”

  7. Me personally I killed ceaser and flipped off the NCR and joined the relent with a mini in to kill everyone

  8. I forgot that the mysterious stranger noise is my notification ringtone and I checked my phone, rip

  9. I always went independent warlord because both ncr and legion are trash factions.

  10. kinda wish they had an ng+ or a continue button after the battle of hoover damn cuz you get that sick sword and cant use it except on the ncr at the very end.

  11. My guy forgot about big kid the nuke launcher

  12. This really wants to make me wanna Take a Sip from my Trusty Vault 13 Canteen

  13. Man actually made every morally absent plot choice

  14. I want a mocap suit video about the other dlcs, that would honestly be fucking amazing, I feel like this video wasn't the best it could be without the mocap (not saying it isnt good, it's one of my, if not my most, favorite pre-mocap video)

  15. Glad to see Badger really aiming for autistic representation with that build😂 (I'm autistic, I can say that)

  16. you just made everyone mad at you for saying t45 is cooler than t51

  17. I need to know how you base your character off of quite literally me (By the way I love your videos rushing badgers sadly I can't watch a few of them because their age restricted so I'm using my mama's account)

  18. There not the fiends traps there set by the ncr ranger injured inside the vault

  19. I would rather slaughter ceasers legion and just wonder off to the next adventure

  20. I listen to your videos while to fall asleep

  21. Badger I swear they are more Bear-able if you play smart, and i mean with a intelligence greater then or equal to 5. your an idiot so they treat you like one, in classical fallout fashion.

  22. “I honestly can’t wait to sell you into slavery”

  23. Badger nows is the time for that Cyberpunk video. XD

  24. Honestly, I feel like the NCR is purposefully nerfed to let the Legion beat them in most engagements because there's no reason chucklefucks wearing patchwork armor wielding a melee weapon should be able to get near, let alone kill, so many people wielding guns…. unless the NCR training is that godawful.

  25. I got a strike on my Instagram because I commented on a Fallout post “F*ck the NCR”.
    Their reason for the strike was ‘hate speech and bullying’.
    Particularly: ‘hateful speech against a protected group’ because somehow a fictional faction is protected by IG’s TOS.
    The comment wasn’t taken down btw. They felt it was harmful enough to warrant an account strike but not harmful enough to remove the comment itself.

  26. Funny enough the interaction of bullet to themselves havent occured once with me in the last Playthrought [going full NCR]

  27. "NCR are so condescending towards me"

    also badger: Is literally dumber than a brick

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