UNRECORD Trailer 4K (New Photorealistic Body Cam Game 2024)

UNRECORD Gameplay Trailer (New Ultra Photorealistic Body Cam Game 2024)

Unrecord is a tactical shooter where players can expect an immersive and narrative experience. Unrecord features complex dialogues, innovative gameplay mechanics, tough moral dilemmas, and a unique shooting system. The storyline in Unrecord can be compared to a detective novel or a thriller. The player will have to investigate several criminal cases and confront a diverse cast of characters. The game’s plot and presentation will be central to the gameplay experience, and players can anticipate a range of gameplay sequences as well as numerous plot twists.

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  1. please add a potato graphics setting for my shit pc when this game releases 🙂

  2. Meanwhile Star Citizen fans….but but…our broken pre-alpha we spent $700,000,000.00 still looks good right?

  3. Imagine what it would be like playing this in virtual reality googles!

  4. It’s scary for a second. I thought it was real according I didn’t know it was a game.

  5. This game is totally gonna change how we game currently, altogether. These visuals are far too realistic. Talk about “desensitising” folk 🤦‍♂️😂 looks a great game though, nonetheless 👏

  6. Really hop this game is also compatible with vr

  7. I feel like the realistic body cam gimmick will get old fast but as long as the AI are coded correctly and the events aren’t scripted for re-playability it’ll do just fine.

  8. I can’t wait for this game to come out! Idc how much it’ll cost I’m buying it

  9. That looks so freaking realistic can I buy it off you

  10. As soon as this video turned on I thought this was IRL

  11. Ya pude jugarlo , lo descargue de una pagina rusa , el juego se ve bien gráficamente esta igual al trailer . Lo juge en una i7 7700k /gtx 1070/ 16gb ram . No va muy fluido pero se puede jugar , eso si la jugabilidad es muy extraña y diferente a los demas juegos de shooter ❤

  12. I mean, this is just photogrammetry. I don't see anything impressive here

  13. the music in the end. if you know you know.

  14. Pretty sure this is just a real life video edited, but whatever.

  15. The time has come when reality and fiction are one

  16. Why does this look so much better than recent gameplay

  17. IM HAVE a mobile version of THIS WHO ITS named REC.O.R.D

  18. I don't know what is real and what is fake anymore 😢

  19. You know what would be insane? Game like this in vr with 180 fov and a haptic suit. That would be as realistic as it gets.

  20. jejejeje i want this sooo baddd pleas releas can my pentium launch to the mood

  21. Is this in VR ? Pls optimize this for VR on ps5

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