Tracy McGrady’s BEST 40 Plays!

Check out the best 40 plays from T-Mac’s amazing NBA career!

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  1. they dont make em like they used to, damn tmacs a god

  2. Really I enjoyed watching highlights of the high flying players like T-Mc

  3. Naturally gifted and built for the sport. Made it look too easy

  4. I think he can be one of the goats if he never been injured

  5. Le decíamos"crazy Mcgrady" con mis amigos, pura magia..

  6. I have always thought that there are born players, people who are born to hoop, I consider t-mac one of those

  7. That last moment when he dropped 13 in over 30 seconds make feel joy and chills…
    Even tears and admiration of how great T-Mac was… Such a joy watching him doing things that made even explode the stadiums…
    Thank God we could watch him playing…
    Tears of joy and proud of McGrady…

    Great basketball memories…

  8. I’m 47 and I really love the player’s of today but they forget the players of old Tmac was special so people keep screaming KD and KD is a beast but Tmizac was incredible he should have just joined golden state and he would have gotten rings too

  9. Damn I wish I saw this live. Marv Albert knows how to excite as well.

  10. VC was always in his best plays😂😂

  11. I see where Lebron got his style dunk

  12. T-mac was such an exceptional talent. If only he didn't had all those injuries…..

  13. Tracy McGrady. What a name . TMac. Too siiiick

  14. He was taller version of Kobe Bryant

  15. last of the streetballers. game used to be way more beautiful

  16. i never get tired watching him. He is energy itself

  17. As a mavs fan one of my favorite games of all time was when Dirk and TMac both went at each other's heads. I even remember having TMac shoes back in the day

  18. Damn, i miss this guy. No one player can imitate him.

  19. MJ was created to dominate the basketball Tmac was created for basketball no doubt damn he was so good and his plays like so easy

  20. Шта је ово крв ти јебем.

  21. One of the three best in game dunkers ever.

  22. I really forgot how explosive McGrady was, I sort of wasn't aware of the explosion, he really was a terrific player!!

  23. Tmac was crazy I wish all the players they played back there played in this nba 2021 October 5th


  25. If he play like that 33 second performance on the all match, he probally get 500-600 points in one game. 🙂

  26. the amount of in-game off-the-glass dunks McGrady had in his career is crazy

  27. To me Tmac was the most entertaining player I've ever watched…then Kobe and probably AI.

  28. Tmac is the reason why Durant is one of the greatest SF of all time is. Both my favorite SF players

  29. Modern NBA players compared to TMac aren't that good

  30. Him,D Rose,Ginobili and Parker was snubbed and robbed on the 75 greatest players of all time

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