Tracy McGrady’s BEST 40 Plays!

Check out the best 40 plays from T-Mac’s amazing NBA career!

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  1. T-Mac never got the recognition he deserves

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  3. 6'10, can do everything, such a great player

  4. Incredible Gameplay Incredible Player Incredible Moves will definitely put on a shows why his jersey # is 1 what an extraordinary player

  5. A lot of people want to talk about top 10 players of all time…

    As far as basketball talent goes, Tracy mcgrady is in the top 10. He was a very special player.

    I don’t care about championships, mvps, all that other BS. Pure talent Tracy is one of the best to ever player the game. He never ever had the talent on his team capable of winning a championship. That’s just a fact.

  6. The problem with TMac is that his team doesn't win.

  7. If tmac would have stayed healthy I think he could have been the best player in his era

  8. To think if he didn't have back problems geez….

  9. Such talent without a single NBA TITLE.

  10. If he stayed with VC, could have been something

  11. I used to play 2K and only play classic rockets and only use McGrady to score. 55-4 online. Tmac da goat

  12. Matthew 11:30
    For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

  13. McGrady and Iverson are 2 guys that would be considered in the top 10 all time had they won a chip. I’d put them up there really. T Mac was something else, so was AI.

  14. Imagine all the rockets fans that left early during that 13 point come back. In their cars flipping out in traffic like. WTF IDK WHETHER TK BE HAPPY OR MAD.

  15. Tmac comeback against Spurs is one of the best plays in history of NBA.

  16. I always say what if He and Grant were Healthy and have waited for Dwight from 04 to 07? Definitely a chance for their 1st ring.
    What if He and Yao were also healthy throughout their Rockets career? I'll bet 2 rings for them there.

  17. Tmac, Penny, Drose and Grant are arguably the greatest what ifs in nba history🤕

  18. min: 1:43… I'm going to the hole and I'm going hard😂😂 PRICELESS!!!

  19. Maybe now people will give tmac his respect

  20. imagine the spurs scored the point in the last 2 seconds of the 13 point game

  21. TMac was incredible. I wonder if he worked on injury prevention though like MJ did. He may have but was just unlucky to be prone to injury anyway.

  22. Too bad for him he landed unsupportive teammates during his prime

  23. Crazy Mc Grady 1 of my top players of all time also his cousin Vince Jumper

  24. lobbing to yourself off the backboard 30 seconds into the game is insane behavior

  25. This kid was way better than I ever gave him credit for there was not one thing he could not do

  26. I'm going to put him on some type of level with Mike Jordan

  27. I don't think T-Mac had the right preparation before declaring himself eligible for the NBA draft

  28. Off the backboard with Vince Carter behind him

  29. Body control and hang time is otherworldly

  30. That's Stop and Go reverse layup was filthy

  31. Can make the same type of acrobatic hang in the air shots just like Mike Jordan His hang time is better than Kobe's

  32. I take any three of those guys and be good

  33. The game he scores 13 with like I don't know how much to go and wins it all by himself is the single greatest performance I have ever seen

  34. 13 points in 30 seconds against Tim Duncan and Company

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