Tracy McGrady’s BEST 40 Plays!

Check out the best 40 plays from T-Mac’s amazing NBA career!

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  1. If not for the back injuries, he’s a top 5 all time shooting guard easy. A 2 with insane court vision. He was just deadly

  2. Como nunca tinha ouvido falar desse cara!

  3. Велик однозначно. Их дуэт с Картером был великолепен.

  4. Man, McGrady was such a great player to watch. Wish he was not riddled with injuries, what a shame.

  5. Even Kobe said this dude is very hard to guard

  6. That game against the Spurs will always be my favorite memory of T Mac as a Rocket.

  7. I was there LIVE for that first dunk on Shawn Bradley. It was a playoff game and the entire arena gasped to the point where it was literally breathtaking

  8. Imagine Tracy McGrady stay healthy in his PRIME 💪🔥💪

    Still watching 💪💪💪 August 15, 2o23


  10. HOF, Legendary, all around superstar. Best player besides Yao in the eyes of China fans. T Mac 3 my fav sneaker.

  11. If TMac and VC stood together they would of been a problem.

  12. 2:20 could be the sweetest piece of improvisation off the triple threat I've ever seen. I mean, it first looked nonsense, but it's actually brilliant.

  13. Tmac wouldve been a top 10 player all time if he had A) stayed in Toronto, B) Gave his body rest and didn't overexert himself to injury and C) played around Yao Ming in Houston

  14. He was better than lebron. But y'all too brainwashed to believe what ur eyes are telling you

  15. Man only if AI and Tracy were able to play together

  16. Стиль гри як в Анферні Хардевея.Пені найкращий

  17. T Mac and his cousin Vince are the two most underrated clutch players ever.

  18. Coke color like the mid 80’s. Pistol whip you cross eyes Tracy McGrady- Westside Gunn😂😂😂😂😂

  19. If bron is the goat why wasn't he on penny or Mc Grady level they both was scored effortlessly gracefully but electrifying if they had Kobe longevity mama may have been just top 5

  20. T-Mac was really Ja Morant, before Ja Morant…

  21. Average play not a top 75 of all time 😂. AD get your bum ass out of the top 75

  22. Tmac one of my favourite NBA player 6'8" guy

  23. Love this era of basketball no Leflops going on 😂😂

  24. Thia guy was rely gifted..😢thought Ai was on another level alone,TG was also realy good.

  25. at 5.15 , that block was insane. Imagine jumping long enough to get faked out and still be in the air to block the actual shot

  26. The genetics of him and Vince Carter root from the same family. Fast up that CRISPR thing. We want more T-macs and Vinces.

  27. Tatum? Greatest scorer of all-time 🤩

  28. After watching these clips…I gotta give big ups to McGrady!!!! THE MOST UNDERRATED!
    Second, gotta give a shoutout to all the white men getting posterized by his slamdunks….realizing that
    black people like leChina always just get out the way…and the big, white men in the center that get posterized
    are true men who stand up with defense no matter what while black boys shy away. I love that shit.
    That fighting spirit!!!! White guys real men!!!! Y'all know it!!!

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