Top 5 *Unblocked* Games to play in Schools (2020)

This is my new Top 5 Unblocked Games for Schools!

Here are some Games you can Play in School Enjoy.
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Links of the Games:
ClassiCube Minecraft:
Johnny Upgrade:
Rush Team:


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  1. How? How can I take off the school thing (like the pgcps screen thing)

  2. You tried to strech it to 10 mins,but failed

  3. Kinda funny how all these games were blocked on my chrome book, RIPP

  4. Please use the chroma key beter mask human

  5. I truly reccomend not many people know about so not many teachers block it. It’s a FPS shooter with decent graphics multiplayer and it’s most likely unblock

  6. Just look up tyrones unblocked games they have a bunch of games

  7. Just search up unblocked games and 99

  8. Nothing works on my school coputer but good vid tho

  9. Or just play minecraft education edition it's free and super good and it has pretty new updates👍🏼

  10. Here's a fun unblocked game you can look up it's called Merc zone

  11. The 101 dislikes are school administrators

  12. Imagine being a teacher saying mh hm right that down

  13. Thank you so much man! My ps4 is broken so I dont have it for 2 weeks and none of the games i played on my ps4 is allowed on my school chromebook so you just saved my life aha

  14. I cant do this my school is smarter than I thought

  15. We have impero so they can see what were doing cause if the virus they cant come over

  16. ClassiCube-no
    Hexar io-nope
    Johnny Upgrade- nope hope
    Rush Team- nope

    practically my school blocked every thing that have unblocked games

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