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I would normally do this video in December, but since we won’t be getting anymore new games on PSVita, it seemed like now is a good time to talk about my favourite PS Vita games on 2021.

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  1. I found mine in my closet today from 8 years ago lol now I’m trying to buy some games

  2. I wonder where did you place Unmetal. edit alright no digital so you didnt add to list fair.

  3. 👍🎮🥰 These all look Really Good, I'll probably pick them all up

  4. This is a bittersweet video. I really wish the vita can still get new games. It’s a end of a era.. thanks Sandeep

  5. I feel kind of dirty watching Vita videos.
    I swore my life and blood on one of the greatest handheld console ever build The PlayStation Vita but slowly as my gal started losing gas and steam.
    I always refused to play or buy a Nintendo Switch so I bought a Lite and once again fell in love it's basically a portable Vita in a different shell everytime i start it up it brings a tear in memories of Vita and when I see the Nintendo boot it reminds me Vita isn't dead it's just a ghost in a different shell with a quarter of what the PlayStation was cappable of.
    Vita never dispersed it just got a hair cut.
    Long live the Vita.

  6. So many great games have come out physically and I love them all but your number 3 that so far has only come out digitally I love as well. Can’t think of the name right now (brain damage) lol

  7. Sad that this is just digital game list because UnMetal was hands down best PS Vita game 2021. (And at the same time i was very surprised that it was not published digital.)
    Just my opinion because i am big fan of mgs.

  8. Scourgebringer FTW for me. I can pick up and play it. It is the hack and slash I have been looking for and the accessability I have wanted since the Ninja Gaiden series.

  9. Killer dolls should be number one! Jk haha. Going to buy all of these this week. Just waiting on the Vita’s next physical releases. Really hope Indigo 7 isn’t going to be one of last ones. No offense to that game at all, just not into that type of gameplay. Thanks again man.

  10. I have UnMetal but haven't played it yet. I heard it's really good, though. I think the last game I want to pick up for vita is Russian Subway Dogs.

  11. I so need to play Russian Subway Dogs. You should do another top ten of games released in each year?,or top five rpgs,puzzle etc

  12. With the success of the Switch, I’m still dumbfounded by Sony’s decision to just drop such a wonderful handheld. People bang on about Nintendo needing 3rd parties, which is true, but Sony needed to support the Vita far longer, make additional changes, and release more quality titles. Sadly they went with VR and withdrew from the handheld market. It’s now over.

  13. Just got my Vita a week ago and MAN, such an underrated console, I play it everyday, and I LOVE IT!!!!.

  14. Habroxia 2 is my favorite of the recent games. Love it! 😀

  15. How big is the Russian Subway Dogs install, btw?

  16. My Horizon load times are 20 to 25 sec. I'm in U.S., have a just a 16gig card. Don't know if that impacts it but it is awesome. Habroxia 2 is great as well.

  17. You can make the title "top 2d Vita games" for this video.

    I don't know what is the qualification for best game for everyone. For me, the qualification for game is the graphic, i bought PS Vita to enjoy higher graphic games then PSP games. The realistism of graphic quality is important to me for enjoying game, i don't really like 2d games on Vita because you can play that graphic quality on GBA game. The difference between Each console generation to generation is the console performance to play more realistic and good graphic quality,

  18. i think with russian subway dogs there are problems with the 4 bone objectives 1 part does'nt seem to be working, but the best game on all consoles i have played in years

  19. PSVita Manuals Sold Out. Do they come back to stock?

  20. Hey, I can't find STURMFRONT: THE MUTANT WAR on the PlayStation Store. I guess I won't ever be able to own it. It actually looks really good! If you could message me back big non-rear touchpad fan here. If this is just a dual analog shooter I would love to get my hands on it, digital or physical. Are these games even out yet? I must have missed something in your video lol.

  21. If you included PlayAsia exclusive releases, UnMetal is clearly number 1! 🙂

  22. Scourgebringer for me. I think you're ovrrating Russian Subway Dogs.

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