Top-5 2D Shooting Games Unblocked On Public School Networks

Throughout history, education has always been at odds with entertainment. To this day, many teachers consider digital amusements a huge distraction. To be fair, some kids do go overboard and spend way too much time playing. As a result, most popular titles are forbidden for everyone. But sometimes, students have absolutely nothing to do during recess. And instead of enjoying virtual firefights, they end up staring at their phones. However, they shouldn’t give up hope that easily. There are numerous alternatives to renowned single- and multiplayer franchises that are still accessible. Some educators don’t realize that these five 2D shooting games are unblocked in their classrooms. This article aims to showcase them and highlight their coolest features.

Fire in the Hole

These days, even younger users often have their own battlestations at home. They are accustomed to realistic 3D graphics and somewhat spoiled by their incredible visual fidelity. However, discounting two-dimensional variations simply because they look inferior is unwise. The ones below outshine the majority of their resource-intensive counterparts in terms of gameplay. Those who decide to give them a chance will not be disappointed.

Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter

This physics-based puzzle is an outstanding time-killer that is both relaxing and stimulating. Aim the bow and unleash the arrow to hit the fruit on the character’s head. Choose the trajectory carefully. A minor miscalculation may lead to gruesome but admittedly hilarious consequences. Step into Virtual Boy Emulator Games at


Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale

This top-down spin on PUBG offers classic BR mechanics in a well-optimized and robust package. Airdrop to an isolated military zone and try to survive. Scavenge the area for munitions and items. Stay out of sight and ambush foes when they least expect it. Avoid the toxic cloud approaching from outside and become the last person standing.

This competitive arena may look similar to the previous entry. But it has countless unique innovations and appealing traits under the hood. Satisfying gunplay, impressive arsenal, and vehicular combat to name a few.

In this unusual simulator, several participants team up and fend off hordes of mutants. Set up sturdy barricades and last for as long as possible in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Cooperate and help each other to set mind-blowing high scores.

Perhaps, the most intense blend of platforming and deathmatch ever created. Navigate the complex layout by running, jumping, and hovering using an antigravity device. Equip powerful guns and switch between them depending on the situation. Slay the most formidable opponents and dominate the leaderboards.



Collectively, these recommendations are capable of providing many hours of fun. But actually launching them can be tricky on certain machines. Thankfully, there is a simple workaround that circumvents basic security measures. Find out what it is and how to implement it below.

How to Get Free 2D Shooting Games Unblocked on Chromebooks

Chrome OS laptops intended for educational tasks usually have significant limitations. They are designed to run primarily web-based apps, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Plenty of modern indie projects can work without installation. The problem arises when school boards decide to blacklist specific websites. Effectively, they render entire domains inaccessible. In this case, try the following trick. Go to Google Sites and open a blank template. Click the Embed button and paste the unavailable link. Confirm and publish the page under a different name. Doing so creates an inconspicuous URL leading to the same frame without triggering the firewall. Type in the new address and let the mayhem begin.

With engaging 2D shooting games unblocked, a regular lunch break turns into an unforgettable experience. Participate in heated battles and defeat enemies with all kinds of awesome weapons. Demonstrate unbelievable accuracy and lighting-fast reflexes to become the legend of the servers.