Top 10 Western Video Games

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  1. How is the first one possible i never knew games can be made that way!

  2. We all know that the best western game is Fallout: New Vegas

  3. Bro there's probably about 10 western games total

  4. GUN should of been top 5 or even top 3 for me. Loved that game!

  5. You know that Activision is interesting in Gun 2? But neversoft never do it because of Tony Hawk Series

  6. Oddworld is really a western? I think in a western we need cowboys and horses

  7. I love Red Dead Redemption. I love them both. Outlaws to the end!

  8. A ninth-gen console remake of Red Steel would be pretty sick.
    I don't think you'll see many true western video games released by other studios.
    Rockstar has set that bar entirely too high and I can't see developers wanting that challenge

  9. There is another good one that you didn't mention – Desperados Wanted Dead or Alive

  10. My favorite ❤️
    Red dead redemption 1 & 2
    Red dead revolver

  11. I am a regular cod, bf, MOH, Far Cry, Ghost Recon, RDR, hitman player. But the game that actually gave me chills and even after so much years is still on my desktop screen is GUN. Even if you don't want to play just listen to the music and you will fall in love with it.

  12. This video needs a remake since rdr2 came out

  13. Here’s to all those early pioneers that pooped them selves to death. Rip 🪦

  14. Red dead redemption 2 wasn't even out then people in the comments.

  15. I clicked on this just to skip to the end and make sure Red Dead Redemption was #1

  16. 3 of the games on the list were not true western games so that was dumb. And Gun should have been at number 2 because it introduced the open world to the genre of western games and if it wasn't for that game there would not be no Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2. And Gun and Red Dead Redemption 1 are the same in many ways and are equally great games and both have similar sized maps.

    PS. Japanese Role Playing Games suck.

  17. Do you know what is the best Western video game in history ?
    The town with no name🤣

  18. red dead 2 sucks. would rather play oregon trail than that game.

  19. I wish a remaster of Oddworld Strangers Wrath would come our

  20. I am surprised outlaws by lucasarts isn't here that was a great Western

  21. Good to see Red Dead Redemption as #1 but also felt Gun should of been a least top 5. Red Dead Nightmare was fun too playing Zombie John Marston

  22. New Vegas should’ve got a mention. Technically a post apocalyptic neo-western but the feel is there. In a game with laser guns you still want single action revolvers and lever rifles.

  23. I'm sure it's listed here, but Lucasarts OUTLAWS.

  24. outlaws & desperados should be in the top ten

  25. 1) Red Dead Redemption 2
    2) Red Dead Redemption
    3) Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood
    That is the podium of the winners.
    Don't ignore Bound In Blood from Techland. Don't be ignorant!

  26. gun is still my favorite game after 16 years happy to see it here should be top 1 but at least is in top it s a special game and well made with a lot of stories and missions love the work guys did for the game

  27. Red Steel and a JRPG… What a joke. Choosing one from each franchise ruins the list, it doesn’t tell ppl what games are ACTUALLY the best.

  28. Are you fucking kiddin? Desperados only honorable mention? The masterpiece Outlaws not even mentioned? Worst list ever

  29. Call of Juarez gunslinger and dying light are peak technoland.

  30. Come watch RDR2 gameplay…make the decision fully immersive cowboy action click the icon

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