Top 10 Free Mac FPS Games

Finding Free FPS games for Mac doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve got you covered with the 10 best FREE Mac FPS Games!
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1 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Download for FREE on Steam:

2 – Marathon Trilogy 

Download for FREE on website:

3 – Ravenfield (Beta 5)

Download itch App and search for Ravenfield (Beta 5):

4 – Unturned

Download for FREE on Steam:

5 – Krunker

Download for FREE on website:

6 – Skillwarz

Download itch App and search for Skillwarz:

7 – Rules of Survival

Download for FREE on website:

8 – Chex Quest HD

Download for FREE on Steam:

9 – War Trigger 3

Download for FREE on App Store:

Download for FREE on Steam:

10 – Red Eclipse 2

Download for FREE on Steam:


Unreal Tournament 

Download for FREE on Epic Games Store:


Download for FREE on Steam:

Rexuiz FPS

Download itch App and search for Rexuiz FPS:


Download for FREE on Steam:

Paint Warfare

Download for FREE on Steam:


  1. is it my internet or my mac that makes all these games laggy 😭

  2. These games look horrible….WTF. Guess my Mac wont be used for games anytime soon….

  3. You forgot to talk about a lot of things on Krunker like:
    – the fast movement
    – the thousands of cosmetics to collect
    – the active community on the Krunker Hub
    and more, but you did just take a quick look so it probably wasn't easy to see everything.

  4. Code of war is a good game for android

  5. lol guys cs:go is free on steam and if you have a mac you can litterly play cs:go on mac

  6. thx, I have java but it will get over if i just play it

  7. bro war trigger 3 just opens then closes on my mac wtf

  8. I was trying to remember what ravenfield was called for a few weeks because i used to play it with a few friends in high school during breaks, and was just looking for memories. Glad i finally found it

  9. Red eclipse is the funnest fps game i've played since superhot.Thanks i found some interesting games i like while also extending my game inventory!

  10. Man , you can also use mac to iron clothes after playing rolox.

  11. Can the Mac mini run fortnite exactly how the MacBook Pro 15 can? I’m trying to get a MacBook on a budget here, any information regarding this topic is beneficial for me, if you have read this, thank you for your time

  12. thanks bro but me i have a macbook and and ipad

  13. Thank you every other YouTuber
    put other games for windows

  14. This is all fake,the rules of survival game isnt even for Mac and it costs Money

  15. i actually have a story to share once i was playing krunker and all of a sudden i noticed a minecraft map so i joined and tested out the sniper in there checking if it was a cross bow but then i got accused of hacking even though i was only quick scoping and aiming is really easy with a sniper so that's how i got banned from a game made in unity

  16. Never played krunker bout to get it slapping now thanks

  17. love this video sooooo much thanks fir making it now I can play fun games!

  18. CS:GO is the best game you put in the video. It works smooth but the only bad thing is that it says it takes only 15GB but my Mac says it is taking up 30GB?!

  19. Sucks how most mac games have terrible graphics and also how there are very few mac friendly games. Every time I want to play a game with my friends it’s only for pc. :/

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