Top 10 Browser-Based First Person shooter games to play, directly in your browser with no download.
►NEW UPDATED 2016 Top 10 Browser FPS Games Video With New Awesome Games!

Video Chapters:
0:00 Intro
Top 10 List
Note: Some games have switched to download after publish date of this video.

0:27 10 Verdun –
1:01 9 Rush Team –
1:29 8: Offensive Combat – Alternative:
2:12 7: Die2Hard: Shut down
2:54 6: Begone:
3:43 5: CS portable:
4:28 4: Ballistic:
5:16 3: Red Crucible 2:
6:21 2: Contract Wars:
7:22 1: Warface:
(used to be browser based when I released this video.)


  1. FPS Doen't mean first person shooter fps means frames per second… so fps not the first person…

  2. all this games created by Unity 3d and omg i was trying to download it it says will take 1 month xDDDDDDDD

  3. Thanks found loads of good fps games for free

  4. Rush team makes their money by selling people VIP accounts.

  5. i used to love ballistic untill one day kongregate says ballistic now on steam clicked it then say you have to pay for it

    that sucks

  6. Does Contract Wars have a good weapon skin setup?

  7. the Verdun is lag and the graphics is ugly but its great

  8. ມະນີໄຊ ແສງບຸນເຮືອງ says:


  9. you want some a good fps? free to play? good gameplay? no risk of viruses? is seen as a little kids game site but try phantom forces, its a clean and crisp shooter game with awesome gameplay and updates frequently.

  10. I have not played browser shooters in a long while. Anyone remember Russian Army Barrack and Team Tanks?

  11. cs portable or Critical strike, i remember when it was realy early and i was a real pro at the game, murdering, getting 20 kills without dieing, untill 2014, where ppl started to get pro at the game and i just quitted eventually cause of boredom. I'm still bored

  12. you forgot critical ops. it is also fps game and it should of been in top 3.

  13. they shut down ballistic i played that game i was addicted to the game

  14. +MisterNinjaBoy thx man dis video make me love warface <3 rank 31

  15. I can't find how to play Warface on browser. The website you linked is only to make an account and it seems you have to download the game to play it.

  16. i tried to to make an account on gface so i can play warface but it says captcha required but theres where else to go thay let me proves im human

  17. i'm uploading 3 or more videos per week about Warface and all games. yo yo yo! :3

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