Dinosaurs and video games go together like peanut butter and jelly. Which is why this list of the best dinosaur games will have you drooling with anticipation!

Here is the list :

-Ark: Survival Evolved
-Jurassic World Evolution 2
-Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
-Dino Crisis
-Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
-Second Extinction
-Primal Carnage: Extinction
-Lego Jurassic World
-Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn
-The Isle

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  1. nice list but ark should have taken the top spot imo

  2. you have to add jurassic world the game

  3. Avoid Primal Carnage Extinction at all costs people.

    That game is a money sinkhole with shitty af Devs.

  4. will their ever be a nigel prehistoric game or dinotopia game for xbox series x or s and will their ever be a jurrassic dominion official game or maybe a runescape dino game

  5. I Thought I Said "Dinosaur Games For Android" But I Have This

  6. Ark is much better than Jurassic world games. Ark has many other animals too with dinos. How u could but Ark just second disrespectful.

  7. Where's Durango? It should be on top 1 2 or 3 sadly it god deleted on playstore 😭

  8. Durango was best one of this & best survival game ❤️

  9. My God i want a Dino-Riders Multiplayer game! Or Strategy game.

  10. Jurassic world evolution 1/2 are the best dinosaur games

  11. Animal revoult battle simülatör 👍👍

  12. La cosa che desidero in un gioco di dinosauri e poterli controllare….
    Non solo guardare le stesse animazioni per ore….Jurassic Evolution non mi piace per nulla….

  13. Lets talk to CAPCOM…
    They made hundreds of Resident evil games….
    And the remake them..
    But they did not bother to keep making dino crisis game… My childhood favorite…
    Tell them its time the make the dino crisis 2 follow up ..

  14. Aww but i cant play the isle

  15. The Isle – $19.99

    wish it was free though 🙁

  16. Good list, but these aren't games from 2021 to 2022

  17. the first primal carnage was super fun but imo is extinction lame.
    and why no ARk survival evolved on the list? u dont like it? Oo

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