This Is What a “Second-Person” Video Game Would Look Like

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Games shown:
0:01 – Painkiller
0:14 – Phantom Dust
1:19 – Refunct
1:28 – Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
2:17 – Driver: San Francisco

Music used (in order):
TOMISAKI – Pliocene
Sir Cubworth – Orbital Romance
Wayne Jones – Resolution
Autionautix – The Voyage
Asher Fulero – Simmering
Asher Fulero – Peaceful Conclusion
Bad Snacks – The Morning After

The Voyage by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ()


  1. Got me thinking and I figured out how to describe second and third person perspectives. See line of reasoning below:

    First person narration: you doing.

    Second person narration: second person talking to you about what you are doing.

    Third person narration: a third person talking to a second person about what the first person is doing.


    First person perspective: you doing from your perspective.

    Second person perspective: second person showing you what you are doing from their perspective. The view is always in the direction of the first person.

    Third person perspective: third person showing a second person what the first person is doing. Since the view is in the direction of the second person, and the second person can be anywhere in the room, the line of sight or vanishing point is not always in the direction of the first person but rather in the direction of the second person, with the first person off to the side somewhere.

  2. Wait so is 4 th person you watching someone who is watching someone else who is also watching someone else?

  3. The second person is basically like Roblox you zoom out of your soul then press shift and you need to be in a game that has a shift lock and that's second person

  4. So second person is just third with extra steps.

  5. I thought 2nd person was 2d side scrollers

  6. Oh my god what is the name of the second game shown with the characters anthro, Duke, and ph, using attacks like vacuum slash? It was on the original xbox back in the first days of xbox live. I gotta know!

  7. In practice, 2nd-person would be text-based video games where you are telling the main character what to do with typed commands, as opposed to simple button presses and mouse/joystick movements; that is, you are effectively their conscience/subconscious telling their conscious what to do, feel, think, etc. As for what it would look like, it could be anything. Think about the various kinds of 3rd-person perspectives in literature, where it ranges from omniscient to limited; the latter of which is usually limited to a certain person's thoughts, actions, and observations, but (usually separated by sub-chapters) can change character perspective depending on how the writer wants to tell the story. While reading literature leaves the visualization up to the reader, a 3rd-person limited would essentially be as if you were a witness to their consciousness, which is essentially no different than 1st-person; in other words what 2nd-person would look like is simply a matter of perspective, literally.

  8. Needs an update Dr Disrespect played with himself against himself

  9. 5th person: your character plays a game about the character reading about the events of the game.

  10. Wtf? 2nd person game is when you see him / her from behind, but you can't rotate the camera around his/her body. E.g. GTA 3 / GTA Vice City

  11. whats the name of the game in the intro of the video

  12. Dude explained the game mechanics like he found an extraterrestrial life… I ain't complaining though… Good job…

  13. 5th person : the AI plays the game for you

  14. I think the 2nd person is us who is playing the game

  15. Bro I thought of that for some time actually

  16. It’s simple. Second person games are the ones where you have choices to Pick and that’s how your character moves etc like watching a movie with choices to pick

  17. I think games like tekken or Street fighter are kind of second person because we use you in the game for our opponents so basically in tekken one character is protagonist and other is a second person

  18. The sims would be a 2nd person game style

  19. To me it seems pretty pointless to make a difference between 3rd and 2nd person as in a grammatical sense the only difference is that your personally talking to someone not about someone. In terms of gameplay this doesnt make any difference as its either introperspective or not. It depends on the way you want the player to feel wirh the charakter that hes playing and it seems pretty useless to not make the main charakter perceivably the main charakter for the player if that makes sense. Maybe in some experimental kind of games. I would say VR playing gives a whole new perspective thats more first person while regular first person is smh 2nd person

  20. 5th person games plays a vr game of vr game of your third person game

  21. I Used To Think That The Camera Would Be Infront Of The Main Character As In "You" Which Is The 2nd Person

  22. This video: I created second person.

    Minecraft: CAP bro

  23. Every time I dream about driving a car I end up with this as my point of view and then the car gets to far out in front and I crash it because I can't see where the car is going properly.
    It's incredibly annoying.

  24. The thing much closer to the 2nd person game is the camera placed over the head of the pilot in the f1 games

  25. Nop, la segunda persona al ser jugada, sigue siendo en primera o tercera persona. En términos de jugabikidad la segunda persona no existe.

  26. The Third person view is wrong and is actually, and technically a second person view…WHY? BECAUSE you are seeing yourself. That make YOU and YOU. That's two people: you the character(the first person) and You the player (the second person). Now, when you are talking with a friend, and you are talking about yourself, but are saying your name, instead of using self pronouns, its like your speaking about another person, hence the term "taking in the third person". WHY? BECAUSE…'s you, your friend, and the person you sound like your talking about, which is actually yourself. IN CONCLUSION…….a "sort of" third person game would be split screen gameplay with another player. One player in first person mode, and you are in second person mode, and you are in viewable in his side of the split screen, which would make three people. BUT you can't technically PLAY a character in a third person mode by yourself. You'd have to play two characters in one gameplay.

  27. I think Minecraft story mode also plays some part in second person

  28. 2nd person could work in a vr mmo in a rubber room. Of sorts

  29. So, anyone tried making an actual 2nd person game intentionally since then?

  30. 1:40 then if we played the narrator in stanley parable would that count as a second person game?

  31. I’ve never even considered what a second person view would look like, I’m writing this before I watched the vid and I really can make any valid predictions on what 2nd person would be

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