This is how the sounds of Among Us were actually made

I tried to recreate the sounds of Among Us but without the guitar. Let me know which sound you liked the most 🙂

How did you get the gun sound?
I used a toy gun and amplified the sound with an effect of my own invention that simulate the sound of a gun.

Was the vertebral manipulation real? Yes, and it was performed by a licensed physiotherapist specialized in manual therapy. I often resort to this treatment to heal my neck pain



  1. I think red is dumbass
    He admited by saying:Impossible!!
    I vented when no one was around!

  2. The punch and pistol and moving the vent were by far the best

  3. This is the funniest thing I've seen and I barely laugh at anything

  4. the ejecting part sounds like morse code

  5. definitely not Capitan underpants or something idk says:

    Why is he using a pistol

  6. The "Dead Body Reported" Sound is 99% equal to the original

  7. I think the best sounds are the victory and the murder music

  8. I challenge you do the "The Amazing World of Gumball" sounds again but without Guitar

  9. "Red vented"

    "You didn't see me vent"

    "I did"


    "I vented when no one was around"

  10. Eso es falso de quebrar el cuello ¿no ?

  11. You could do the same as among us but this time with the new

  12. Do all the sound in demon slayer chapter 1 please

  13. The moving in the vent sound was actually perfect

  14. A David ay que decirle que vea los videos de bobicraft

  15. Thanks for 1M subscribers ❤️ which sound was the best?

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