this is a vr game about torturing ragdolls…

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Welcome to Sport Mode VR. A funny VR physics playground sandbox game where you put ragdolls through crazy chaos. I you want to see more Sport Mode VR then let me know, because I clearly have a LOT to learn.

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  1. How does he sound so much like johnny depp lol

  2. Whats the name of the game? 🙂 just want to torture some ragdolls

  3. How is the game called abd xan you play it on oculus

  4. Who else thinks of laughing Jack was real he would sound like crusty? Or is it just me?

  5. Hey I love ur games can i have the game name pls 🙂

  6. I was like “I swear I’ve heared his voice in shadow of war gameplay..” so I searched up your user in shadow of war, and I was right!

  7. Let’s be honest VR may be a good stress reliever but it’s also how u become a lunatic…. but on VR

  8. Make them brown and people will maybe support the project.

  9. Can you please tell me what this game is called

  10. I bought the game, but there’s no blood….. I think it’s in the settings or the mod page

  11. What is the game called? And is it free on oculus quest two

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