This Gun Breaks All Laws Of Physics

This is the most satisfying game I’ve ever played.
Lining up the shots to gain speed while not losing altitude is such an interesting game concept. I hope the creators update or make a sequel someday.

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Game: GunSpin


  1. lol I love how he had 11 bullets it a 6 shooter 😂😂😂😂

  2. "The kind I'm going to like because it is nice and short."

  3. what if you made the air only ammo crates?

  4. The solo gun was a DL-44 it was Han solo's blaster

  5. ''i swear i do better when im not recording'' DangerouslyFunny 2022.

  6. Hey DF there's a game like this game it called My Dear Boss is PC game and fun to play

  7. Play adult swim games. I just want to see what would happen

  8. Hell gun = hell boys gun, solo gun = han solo's gun

  9. Mine just went infinitly long even left it for 15 mins it stil flew i had like 150k meters so i uninstalled

  10. Bro I played this game and I just broke the game literally I went under the map and it was just moving forward and forward and nothing so I have to turn it off and come again but all that progress had gone

  11. The hell gun is off of hello look at his gun

  12. “keep it up keep it up” thats what she said man it can’t stay up forever

  13. "Explosive number 1"got me dying😂😂

  14. Solos gun is a Star Wars reference a very easy one

  15. This game is called gun spin for anyone wondering

  16. "This is the most satisfying game I've ever played."
    This is the most satisfying video I've ever watched.

  17. If u dintn know the hell gun was from a movie called hell boi

  18. Recognized a tricked out magnum from halo but doesn't recognize a 1 for 1 replica of the bolter from 40k

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