The creator of :the game: series is BACK with one HELL of a game!
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  1. ive been looking for this came forever! your video was the first thing to come up when I searched "game where theres little poepl an you click the sign and it makes them do stuff"

  2. wow the subtitle at the end video are very good

  3. I loved playing this game on my computer 🙂

  4. I feel this game affected me way more than it should today, or is our society THAT FUCKED UP in the head?

  5. I played this in my class lol and when they were killing each other I’m happy they didn’t see it

  6. I'd love to see another world
    you and a few of my other favorites
    Which includes Voice;Musics / Photo;Animations artists.

    You don't have to but if you ever want to
    or you retire from YouTube or blah
    Could you remember the Legend of Zelda for me? OoT is still my favorite simply because. Secondly, MM was good, imo
    Also you had one shirt on, particularly in one Try Not To z Laugh challenge.

    Thank you all for your hard work! Sorry I'm broke. You all kept me from pulling apart completely and utterly.

    Random nonsense moment – Pineapple pizza is just 'ok.'

  7. rough thing is no one wants to behold joy and friendship so they shall never become

  8. Weeeeeeelll the game here is just like today but freal because everyone is fighting

  9. Now in Indonesia 29, by the way happy birthday

  10. Mark’s reaction is weird because there’s only one ending. and I’m saying that from experience.I’ve played this game

  11. Have fun, six years ago. It only gets worse from there.

  12. Markiplier ‘ whay did happen in 2008’ me who was born in 2011: idk what did happen in 2008?

  13. heres what happened in 2008 i was born loll

  14. This all started from some angry guy

    And a gentlemen with a nice tophat
    (And also a gun)

  15. This game is the example of the meme
    "Let people enjoy things"
    "Fine, how about i kill you instead"

  16. its been 4 years
    its 5 years now

  17. This game is a masterpiece. This game is short and sweet. This game is way ahead of it's time. It's powerful because it teaches you something and you learn the lesson

  18. Fun fact you can in fact get a picture of the cricket and it does do stuff, this is such a good game

  19. nicky case is such a great storyteller, he really had me hooked when he made ‘Coming out Simulator 2014’, the half true story about half truths, it amazes me he makes games still after what happened, i probably couldn’t.

  20. Prophets just stand on desk and make 42 jokes with Brazen Heads.

  21. This is such a shallow interpretation. We get it, the media is manipulative. It has been for decades now. And most likely, it is incapable of changinf.

  22. Its 2022, and this has held more truth than anyone could have thought

  23. That is what happened in myanmar right now since 2021!

  24. I first watched this when I was you get and I didn't really understand how true this game is. Now, it's almost sickening. When that gunshot fired off my entire skin pricked.

  25. When he sings the warning the last part sounds like Mr hopps theme

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