Hey you’re lookin pretty cute today I must say…

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  1. Does anyone know when the self revive merch is being sent out?

  2. Thank you so much for putting the mod in the description. There's been a couple times in the past where I seen you play a map using a cool gun game mod, but didn't put the mod in the description, only the map. So, thank you for putting the actual mod in the description this time!

  3. So glad he found the last Mario. It was driving me crazy seeing him walk past it over, and over, and over! Lol GJ Noah

  4. Hey, Noah I don’t know if you would want to revisit WW2 zombies, but a lot of the PAP’D DLC weapons that are automatically in the box give very whimsical upgrades like you were describing. Might be fun to check out 🤔

  5. I was in high school when that movie came out

  6. Slide Minigame(?) – Super Mario 64

    thank me later if no one says it Noah.

  7. the 2nd song (13:40) is the slide music in super mario 64 (princess peach secret star slide)

  8. for the songs you were asking for Noah, the song at 13:39 is Slide from Super Mario 64, and the one at 9:17 that you were singing to is indeed Yoshi's theme from Yoshi's Island lol.

  9. Literly the best youtober ever bro you are king brooooo👑👑👑📈

  10. Great to see zombies is still alive, I feel like for a lot of people it's become a sort of comfort game, or something great to zone out to after a long day.

  11. noah no homo but u lookin fresh today. beard lookin trim

  12. hi Niah, Im sure of playing Call of duty Zombies and I want some competion do you know want game the latest is?

  13. NoahJ is legit the most ADHD person I’ve ever seen lol

  14. Didn’t see anyone put it, but you asked for the name of that Mario song and it’s the Yoshi’s Island Athletic theme. Love you Noah keep up the good work!

  15. He makes my day better every time he uploads😀

  16. He makes my day better every time he uploads😀

  17. ur looking pretty cute today noah


  19. The song is Athletic Theme from Yoshi's island!!!

  20. Noah ive been wondering why dont they just take every zombies map and put it on one disk with all dlc ported there and custom zombies maps and a map maker with new dlc being added every couple of months after a year its been out

  21. The song that played is called athletic theme from Yoshi's island

  22. It's from Yoshi's Island main theme and then Mario 64 slide theme

  23. I do miss “hey what is goin on my name is noahj456 and today…”

  24. Noah, that song that you been talking about that is my fav song too! Love you Noah. 🙂

  25. I was only 2 when napoleon dynamite came out Noah you're old lol

  26. The map is based on the battle map, Block Plaza from Mario Kart Wii.

  27. I’m 13 and I have one thang to say don’t eat all the freking chips kip

  28. Noah, the two songs were Athletic Theme (Yoshi's Island) and Slide (Super Mario 64)

  29. How often do you forget your train of thought?
    Noah: yes.

  30. First one is Yoshi's island I don't remember the rest

  31. Don’t lie who else thought the shadow was a Mario he had already shot glitched the whole time

  32. The song is athletic theme from yoshis island

  33. Is it possible to play this on console??

  34. There’s one on the roof of the map if he doesn’t find it

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