Hey you’re lookin pretty cute today I must say…

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  1. Incredible video Noah! What would be legendary is to have Gun Bros guns as a custom gun mod in this game (Black Ops 3 Custom Zombies).

  2. All the operator mods could’ve been the added stuff on pack a punch like you were talking about that would’ve been cool

  3. First non speedrun content ive actually enjoyed in a long time lol

  4. i was born the year napoleon dynamite came out which now im 18

  5. Dude I was born in 2005 and Ik wut Napoleon Dynamite. Lowkey hate that I feel old too istg bro

  6. 10:43 the shotgun pack a punched was called infinite Tsukuyomi from Naruto lol

  7. I had no clue napoleon dynamite came out in 2004, its older than me by just under 2 years. I watched that movie at least 5 times a year when I was like 7 8 and 9. Even now its such a great movie

  8. I am 13 and i still watch napoleon dynamite it is a classic

  9. Athletic from super Mario world 2 and slider from super Mario 64

  10. I was 2 when that movie came out in 2004!

  11. it’s not illegal but if you file a noise complaint they will be told to stop and not to do it except january 1 and july 4

  12. "Athletic Theme – Yoshi's Island" is the song you're looking for Noah

  13. nice of him to mention me in the description, I must say

  14. How do tou actually put the gun game on tho

  15. candolier is a scrapped max ammo perk that also upped your max ammo from bo1

  16. As soon as he said hey siri i just said 2004 and it was 2004

  17. Where I live they shot fireworks off every holiday

  18. the song is ether yoshies island or super mario world.

  19. When he said hey Siri my phones Siri activated

  20. 13:43 that song from Mario Ds/ all the Super Mario Bros the 1 one want Yoshi's Island

  21. That movie came our 2 years before I was born (born 2006)

  22. Ill be honest i thought napolian dynamite came out before 2004

  23. I always like to imagine the people who made these maps did it whilst being chased by zombies

  24. Napoleon dynamite is considered a cult classic also I was born the year before it came out so yea I feel old

  25. noah which gun game mod is this, i wanna play it:)

  26. Igig is that the ones that are the same as the ones that are the same as the same as a wwee in my head 🗣️🗣️

  27. Is it the lvl complete theme from mario world?

  28. i used to play mortal kombat on the 64 I FEEL OLD

  29. im i the only one that find the tar 21 from mw2 way better then the one from bo2?

  30. Pretty sure toad downloaded a bitcoin miner on the pc rip

  31. Get some e no joke book book book take

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