The Ultimate Flash Game Tier List

Greet. Today we’re looking at flash games.

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  1. OK bubble trubble was a little frustrating but it was hilarious with 2 player.

  2. No Epic Battle Fantasy???


  3. So good at click baiting me by making the best games always in bottom tier and making me click out of frustration lmao

  4. commando, zombotron, plazma burst 1,2, spurt and i guess the name was ninja run

  5. Dirk Valentine and the Endless War games are missing imo. Putting that appart very accurate video.

  6. Isn't it ironic that the one poo tier game is the only flash game that is still playable?

  7. Sooo wheres kick ass homer and that cocktail mix game?

  8. i just realized that many great games where originally flashgames

  9. Omg I forgot about damn near all of these thanks for the reminder

  10. Bro i was playing some of these games when i was 5 or 4

  11. age of war 1 and 2 being top tier was only natural

  12. Tanks is good. the others I dont know 😀
    Yes i it is one one good game on this list but ok ^^.
    Thats why i never play this kind of games.. 😉 stupid shit is nothing i need in my life. ^^

  13. I remember playing a platformer where you could play as an humanoid cat thing and some other thing, any ideas what game that was?

  14. A best flash games tier list without Level UP! is unacceptable.

  15. Bro try Chaos Faction. Little fighter 2.

  16. There was this one game, 'endeavor', which I remember quite fondly – it an RPG in a 2D pixelated art style, where you play as a dwarf that has to collect gems from all around the world, to give power to some godly being. There's multiple interesting mechanics to the game, and quite an interesting story too. S tier easily

  17. My Favorites: bomb it, Plazma burst, endless war 2, age of war, tank defense

  18. I was gonna like the video but when I saw that you put one of my favorite Flash games at D tier as the first game of the video I just can't 🙁

  19. This video unlocked an unreasonable amount of memories, just missing Raze and Fancy Pants Man from the s tier and it would've been a complete list

  20. Nitrome really was pumping out banger after banger

  21. My guy, where is the Line Rider? where is the Dust? Where is the 2D dirt bike games, the Bowman, the Castle Defense, Impossible quiz, Pandemic, Boxhead, etc. ?
    Age of war was a solid pick on this tier list, but its missing a lot of crucial ones!

  22. Its not in the list but strike force heroes is a SSSSSSSSSSSS+ tier

  23. So sad to see that Epic Battle Fantasy never really took off I guess. It is by far the best flash game imo and even as a normal game it really holds up good. Probably would go so far to say that 4 and 5 are some of the best JRPGs I have ever played.

  24. you forgot some games like: Strike force heroes, Raze, earn to die, Fancy pants, Fireboy and watergirl, plasma burst, zombotron, effing worms, etc

  25. Others I remember and love: Raze 1 and 2, Strike Force Heroes 1 and 2, Plasma Burst 1 and 2, tons of Nitrome games (most notably Nitrome Must Die, Toxic 1 and 2, the Test Subject series, etc.), Cactus McCoy 1 and 2, Chaos Faction 2, Dino Run, Combat Tournament Legends, Enigmata 2: Genu's Revenge, Legend of Johnny, Swords and Sandals, especially 2 and 3, the Hobo series, the HEnry the Stickman series (the guys who made Among Us).

  26. But where is swords and sandals 2 ??!! The one game to rule them all. also boxhead

  27. this is the 1st vid i watched on you're channel and it will always have a special place in my liked videos

  28. Learn To Fly 1 and 3 were both great and I played both to the end. But, sadly I never played LTF 2 and now that flash is dead it seems I never will.

  29. lol when your too dumb to solve a puzzle game so you put it in D tier

  30. Remember how Motherlode got sequels and eventually went on to have a BOARD GAME??? Wild. The board game is actually pretty good too.

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