The Ultimate Flash Game Tier List

Greet. Today we’re looking at flash games.

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  1. Some really underrated games I played were Bubble Quod, Super Mario Bros. Flash, Mario Kombat, Super Mario 63, the Uncle Remus series, The Company of Myself, Seppukuties, Amberial Axis, … 🤔

  2. Flash being discontinued is one of the greatest crimes of our generation.

  3. Google and Apple conspiring to take down Flash Player was an absolute crime, yo.

  4. What’s the name of the game where have like a „map“ kinda view where you can roam around and let’s you build a team/army of horseman/bowman or whatever you wanted and you could equip armor/weapons (you also got from fighting while roaming around or fighting against city’s)

  5. I remember loving the Warfare 1914/1944 games. And both Raze games were a blast and had a fully functional multiplayer and character customization. The gun play was great

  6. people not realise that half of these games got made into actual games

    learn to fly, stick warand age of war are all games that i still play

  7. No offense, but I'm afraid I've lost all faith in your judgment./j

  8. 1, theres a mobile stick war with (short) campaign. And 2, u missed defend ur nuts u *^#*,#^$&@;

  9. man, i used to grind the heck outta duck life 4 tho…
    wasted hours

  10. Tell me you couldn't beat World's Hardest Game, without telling me you couldn't beat World's Hardest Game.

  11. This is literally just a collection of S tier flash games compiled into sub-tiers

  12. the last 2 C tier are basically Metal slug… bruh

  13. If you think age of war is s tier try house of wolves on armor games. Literally the best side scroller strategy game ever made

  14. Social Empire, Social Wars, Dungeon Blitz. These games will always be im my heart

  15. 1:03 the games called ‘Zombotron’ actually have a stream version. You can find the flash versions fully playable on certain sites and the full game on steam. The comparison between Zombotron (classic) and Zombotron (Steam) is quite cool. You should play it.

  16. What was that gave where you would have a character that fights zombies, gets money and upgrades weapons throughout lots of levels

  17. i think we can all agree flash games are the type of games we allllll hate the least

  18. Miniclip and Newgrounds we're my go to back in the day for flash games when I did have access to a PC…
    If I wasn't on those, I was on RuneScape.
    Interactive Buddy was a great time killer. Man that took me back :'(
    HELI ATTACK 2-3 WERE MY SHIT … SO many hours wasted on those two.
    That commando game was a blatant rip off of Metal Slug and not as good… 2 directions to shoot in and 3 lives? B R U H H

  19. Man I remember playing this one game, there's a guy and you can torture him however you want,and I remember him saying Johnny Knoxville line,"hi I'm Johnny Knoxville"

  20. cyclomaniacs 2 was also really fun until it got deleted >:(

  21. Earn 2 die and earn to die were my favorites. Game about driving cars into zombies and driving long distances. Fun. S tier

  22. I never thought I’d ever see Obama alien defense or Obama zombies ever again until now

  23. Where the hell is Bad Ice cream (iirc)? I grew up on FRIV and that was THE game to play with your friend. They were super fun but also TERRIFYING.

  24. does anyone else remember the flash ports of Doom and Quake or did I just hallucinate those…?

  25. Oh my god this is the best video, I thought I dreamt the obama aliens game, it truely was the very best

  26. I always played sticky ninja, some game about crafting weapons for animals and then making said animals fight plants or something and you try to save a princess, and then there was this game about some block you can control and you can give it different elements (water, electricity, fire, wind, etc.) I really hardly remember the last one but I wish I did so that I could have played it before flash shutdown. Oh and also. Xtreme bike or whatever it’s called

  27. My top 3 flash games was warfare 1944 raiden X and y3k defender. Music was awesome

  28. That tanks game, I played that from an MSDOS shareware floppy disk in the mid 90's, though it lacked the cool backgrounds at the time

  29. Kingdom Rush was made with flash. At least at first right?
    Ever played the game made by the papa's devs, Jacksmith? Similar concept, but you forged weapons for knights. Under appreciated.
    Causality was a weird puzzle series. Not the best but I appreciated the like, 12 entries.
    Crush the Castle 2!

  30. I remember playing these on friv, especially age of war

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