The Ultimate Flash Game Tier List

Greet. Today we’re looking at flash games.

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  1. I cant remember the name of a game I used to play, and it might be on flashpoint 🥲

  2. I have good news for anyone who still wants to play most of these flash games.
    You still can.

  3. Warlords 2: rise of demons was my go to game, I’ve played that campaign through more times than I’d like to admit and I’d do it all again

  4. I found out you could keep flash if you refuse to delete it

  5. I liked playing Poptropica… But it requires brain cells ( might not count cuz it got a non flash version. But I think the non flash version sucks.)

  6. Sad that bubble tanks (anything from 1-4) isn't even on the list, no matter your opinion on it it's still a staple just as much as duck life or learn to fly. Then again if you actually covered all the good games you'd be here for a few months lol

  7. this guy has low brow sense of humour and i love it

  8. Can’t believe I didn’t see potty racers or fancy pants in there

  9. So commando is just metal slug

  10. It's kinda sad that last stand games are not here because those one are God tier game

  11. Shocking none of the Newground games were on here….

  12. Amor Mayhem and the Zombotron series both deserve at least S tier

  13. Leader of the Furry extermination division says:

    Oh man i sure do remember playing strike force heroes and zombotron 2:time machine

  14. Commando is just a port of an old arcade game called Metal Slug. With an emulator you can give yourself as many lives as you want.

  15. fun fact: I actually used to play N+ with my brother on my xbox until it got removed

  16. sad the first 2 The last Stand didnt make it, i still go back to play them now and again

  17. i agree but age of war is the best of them all

  18. why did you not add madness project nexus?

  19. I remember this game that went like this:
    You were an actor in the theatre when all of a sudden there is a portal that sucked you and someone else into it. When you get there you need to save them and you do that by platform and stepping on these things that transform you into water air earth etc. I loved that game but cannot for the life of me figure out the name.

  20. I still play Motherload Goldium on Steam, my favourite childhood game. I remember when me and my schoolmates rushed to the computer room early just to occupy the machine our save was on. We were playing on Miniclip and had our saves in the browser cache. Oh the good old days.

  21. Road of the dead 2
    I have a weird liking about people getting devoured by the zombies and you as the driver, Game over cutscene is always satisfying despite it literally being "game over"

  22. "the sadistic masochist buried deep within every childs mind'
    "the sadistic masochist"

  23. motherload looks like some similar game i played but not as good but better story
    i dont remember what the one i played was called

  24. does anybody remember that one game where you play as justin bieber in the future when he is old and no longer famous and you have to kidnap children from a mall and bring them to your rapevan to steal their youth
    i looked it up it was called bieber metamorph

  25. I'm very surprised nobody here remembers Dwarves and Giants, one of the best TDs I played when I was younger. Had unique concepts that I hadn't seen in a TD and I don't think I've seen a new-gen TD do it either, hopefully one does that concept again one day, but oh well.
    Also, pretty good video, though your opinion on Interactive Buddy off-put me since it was so low.

  26. I think u should rank the newer papas games diffrently than the old cuz u only played papas pizzeria and that one is kinda easy hardest one is papas mocharia

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