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  1. I'm questioning why corny doesn't play bloodtide

  2. Anytime I play one of the games in cornys vids the gore gets downgraded

  3. If I sent an picture of gore this guy would rate it out of 4/10

  4. Day 2 of asking corny to play roblox ohio.

  5. When I play this there is not ribcage

  6. Try blood tide too go to settings go to blood section and turn on all of the gore stuff

  7. I wish they added Juggernaut dummies back instead of just only the normal ones

  8. yay i got the first comment also i love ur vids ur my fav youtuber

  9. sad the bones and organs are gone but its still a good gore game

  10. Hi corny, please pin me I'd appreciate it very much. I love your content, I've been a viewer for about 3 years now. So may I please be pinned? I'm fine without being pinned but getting pinned would be awesome cuz I've never been pinned before.

  11. Day 114 of asking corny to play Fireteam🗿(thx david)

  12. ay i saw you in the stream last night
    i remember your reaction when you found out the game was unbanned

  13. LETS GOOOOOOOO, gore is finally good on roblox

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