The SCARIEST Dinosaur Game Ever Made – DINO CRISIS – Survival Horror Inspired By Jurassic Park

Here I playthrough the first half of the scariest dinosaur game ever made! Dino Crisis is a survival horror game released for PlayStation and inspired by Jurassic Park. It’s one of the creepiest games to ever feature these creatures and I love it! Since it’s Halloween, I hope you all enjoy! 😀

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  1. I like how every one of those Kirk's subordinates start off by calling him names!

  2. What made me fell in love with these games (besides the adrenaline one felt as a kid playing them) is the pseudo-scientific plots and the big secret lab environments. Dino Crisis, Resident Evil and specially Half Life planted the scientific seed in me and marked me for life.

  3. When you were silent for the first part of the game, I was worried you weren't going to do commentary.

  4. This game was awesome, DC2 was not quite as good, and 3 was a total disappointment.😞

  5. This is awesome. Grew up with this . Along with resident evil. Metal gear solid . And turok . Lovr your channel.

  6. I remember playing this as youngin and my dad had to help me because I couldn't work it out and in the process he got addicted to it

  7. Here's hoping for a reboot for the series.

  8. I wish they would make a new jurrasic park (not a series) more like the book

  9. Man I remember this game. And mocking "ThE bAtTlEfIeLd" shit Gale always pulled XD

  10. this game scared the absolute s t out of me as a kid !

  11. never heard of this before today but yesss this is what I think the new JW aftermath game was trying to be but it's just not the same. I would love to see this get a remake or something. Like imagine playing this with a VR headset tho

  12. DC was my first PS game growing up. I actually still own a copy of the game. TBH I never found it to be scary, more tense than scary. I had a few jump scares here and there. It was and still is a great game. I wish they would remake it.

  13. I hope we eventually get a Dino Crisis 2 video, like this one, on either channel….and I'd LOVE to see you try to play Dino Crisis 3

  14. they should honestly remake this game it looked like it had potential

  15. This game needs a remaster for real and Dino Crisis 2 is also good .

  16. Controlling the character with those camera angles is tough. Though it does look like a fun game. Anybody remember Turok Dino hunter for the Nintendo 64? That was a fun game. 😃

  17. Dino crisis had a unique story… if jurassic park series make all the dinosaurs come to existence by cloning technology in dino crisis they made the dinosaurs return by building a time machine

  18. I remember when I was 6 or 7 I played this game and it made me tremble, especially at the beginning when u have to turn on the generator with the color switches and then gale gets attacked, I swear I stayed inside by the generator instead of going out cause I was afraid😂😭

  19. Dino crisis and its sequel dino crisis 2 remind me of alien and aliens.
    Original – survival horror
    Sequel – action

  20. I think the scariest and best jp game is the new vr one (cant remember what it is called) but it's something about the vr dino jumpscares

  21. I'm aware that this came out in October 2020. This is a guess about the raptor in the hallway: after the raptor charged Tom in the medical room, it was badly injured from the bullets of Tom's gun. After it killed Tom in the medical room (and I'm guessing before Rick regained consciousness or Regina entered the hallway), it limped out; completely ignoring Rick–believing that the man was dead–only to be attacked by a pack of Compys.

    Once the raptor was killed, the Compys that attacked left through the small vent opening and left a few stranglers to feast on the remains. Just a guess, though. Then Regina entered the scene (and Rick regained consciousness only to discover Tom's body in the medical room).

  22. Dino Crisis was the first Resident Evil game I ever played. Wish Capcom would either make an HD remake or a sequel to the first two games.

  23. Despite its graphics this game still makes me jump, my parents were really irresponsible and let me play it when I was like 6. After the T. rex scene I wouldn’t go near any glass until it was morning

  24. I enjoyed DC2 I never played part 1. It was super action packed and fun compared to RE

  25. I am sry but , instead of watching the dinos , i watching something else for the whole time ,they're big ;^)

  26. I remember buying a pirated version of this game and getting stuck on that first wire puzzle because it was all black and white. Lmao.. Good times.

  27. I’ve never played this game
    I only ever saw the PS1 game carton that my dad owned but I would kill for a remaster of this game of the same calibre as the resident evil 2 remake

  28. God damn was that static you inserted at the end loud though XD

  29. "Coopers a professional, he can handle himself"

  30. I remember this game. It was too much for me as a kid 😆

  31. Wish they’d do a resident evil 2 type of remake for this. I never got to play it in its heydey

  32. Do a "peter jackson's king kong game" let's play my dude, highly recommend if your looking for great dinosaur horror and much more

  33. Technically I’m 19 I remember Trespasser, JP Sega Genesis, Operation Genesis, and JP The Game TellTale Games. Never got to play most of them but watched a lot of videos about them on YouTube.
    Never heard of this game though

  34. There’s a Jurassic park horror game on vr

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