The SCARIEST Dinosaur Game Ever Made – DINO CRISIS – Survival Horror Inspired By Jurassic Park

Here I playthrough the first half of the scariest dinosaur game ever made! Dino Crisis is a survival horror game released for PlayStation and inspired by Jurassic Park. It’s one of the creepiest games to ever feature these creatures and I love it! Since it’s Halloween, I hope you all enjoy! 😀

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  1. Hopefully in the year 2023 in October you can be able to make a part 2 and complete said game… Yeah I know easier said than done but I'm looking forward for what more content you have coming up in 2023 next year that and on your second channel dragoncurve great content great videos serious great stuff man learn something new about this franchise everyday and a happy new year to you too happy 2023

  2. I've always loved Dino Crisis over Jurassic Park and that's a hill I'm willing to die on lol.

  3. I don't get why fans don't ask for this one to be another remake. It's so good, resident evil 3 shouldn't have been remade. Dino crisis should've been next in line

  4. i just dont like the upscaled emulation. i m a huge sucker for every (authentic) pixel i can get!

  5. how are these small green dinos called? those who ate the raptor?

  6. There is not one dinosaur game I can think of to this day that scared or creeper me out like Dino crisis did…

  7. I mean are scary dino games actually a genre?

  8. Wasn't expecting a play through of Dino Crisis, I was thinking of an hour long video about the game 😅

  9. Isn't a Therizinosaurs in this game???

  10. This takes me back.

    Barring a GameBoy Pocket, the PS1 was my first real console. And despite spending most of my childhood without ready access to video games, I had a tendency to hang around both bookstores (RIP Crown Books) and video game shops, the latter in particular after I finally saved up enough to buy my own system. In the lead-up to and aftermath of that purchase, my loitering consisted of a combination of scoping out potential future purchases and poking through Prima guides. Keep in mind, this was back when the Internet was still a relative novelty, and for all I know, GameFAQs hadn't even started yet. While I might have been unable to buy the games, I was still able to get a "contact high" if you will from looking through Prima game guides for games that caught my interest. I was also the type of kid to read and reread the diamond-case inserts and manuals that came with the few PC games I owned at the time, mostly for the sake of soaking in the in-game lore (I still have the one that came bundled with my original copy of Diablo 2).

    Being a dinosaur fanatic and aspiring paleontologist since I was six, the Prima guide for Dino Crisis immediately caught my eye. This first happened about 6 months to a year before I got my PS1. Suffice to say, I flipped through it enough to pick up some basic strategies which would definitely help out in my first playthrough. Now, I can no longer recall which one I bought first, the Prima guide, or DC1, but within a few short months of getting my new system, I bought both one a few months later, followed by the other a week or two later. (Knowing me, the odds are 50/50 either way.) I never regretted either purchase.

    Dino Crisis was my first brush with the survival horror genre, and it stuck with me, particularly in terms of dealing with ammo shortages. I was a bit disappointed by the general lack of enemy biodiversity (an issue thankfully rectified in DC2), but on the whole I had an absolute blast. Everyone talks about Resident Evil being Capcom's main survival horror series, but I was barely even aware of that series til a classmate lent me his copy of RE2 in high school. And DC raptors beat 1st Gen RE zombies any day of the week, be it intimidation factor, intelligence, mobility, even their ability to play dead. And while I was well into my teens at the time, that T-rex in DC1 was totally something that would have given a younger iteration of me nightmares. The unlockable outfits and gun skins were also a treat: as soon as I got the cavegirl outfit that turned your guns into bones and fish, I never played with anything else.

    It breaks my heart that the games seemed to stop after DC2 and that one light-gun shooter spin-off (which I sadly never got to play). I heard later that DC3 came out on the Xbox (which I never had) and was a dumpster fire. Based on game footage I've seen since, such assessments were extremely accurate. Seriously, how do you do a Dino Crisis game without actual dinosaurs in it? I might be able to forgive going Jason X and setting the incident in space, but replacing the core conceit of the series, dinosaurs displaced through space-time by Third Energy experiments, with a psychic girl in space genetically engineering electric monsters that kinda look like dinosaurs BECAUSE REASONS is an unforgivable insult to the old fanbase. Dino Crisis deserved better than that, be it a proper sequel or a series finale consistent with established lore.

    TL;DR This game defined my teenage years. How I miss it.

  11. Jurassic world dominion copied alot of scenes in dino crisis 😂😂

  12. im 24 and i played this game as a kid …just fkn insane

  13. Yes, I DO think "an animal" is more terrifying than a person.

    You can potentially reason with a person if you speak their language and they WANT to be reasoned with. But with an animal you can't even try to conversate with it or reason with it or likely even calm it down. You will be nothing but a meat target for an animal and there is nothing you can do about it because you are most likely weaker than the animal and the animal has no inhibitions.

    Like if I had to choose between dying from Fredy Kreuger or dying from Giganotosaurus i would rather Fredy kill me.

  14. Poor Cooper how the hell did that even happen

  15. Steam or hydro power is whats probably going on with the pipes starting power. The Raptors look like Jurassic Park Raptors.

  16. I remember when this game came out. I really had hopes it would have become a side series to Resident Evil I could throw money towards. We need a remake or better yet a new title in this universe.

  17. Have u ever tried the Jurassic the Hunted it's really cool but a hard game 2 play u have 2 know what your doing and pay very close attention. I think you'll love it.

  18. It's so nice hearing you have a good time and sharing something you hold dear so much. Great video!

  19. They should remaster this game and the second one

  20. Has he made a part 2 to this? I can't find it

  21. 47:25 I completely disagree. If you have a giant fan and nothing falls into it, turning into a tomato blast, you are not doing entertainment right.

  22. Loved Dino crisis 1&2 back in the day, they definitely should get remade on REs new engine. RE3 original had an alternate custom for jill dressed as Regina

  23. It's very nice of the dinosaurs to wait for you to go through doors

  24. This game was so fucking hard! then again i was a kid when i played it. Fuckin Reidient Evil 2 literally made me have nightmares for 3 months strait!

  25. The first time I played this, it took me 6 months to beat it because I kept turning it off every time I felt an Asswhoopin from the T-Rex was coming.

  26. You should do a full playthrough of 1 and 2. Part 3 never happened. Lol

  27. yes dino crisis was epic.. the thrill the scarejumps were on another level in this one.. plus the story was legit

  28. i shot the first raptor where he just showed up.. i didnt run like this lol

  29. We need a remake, like what they did for RE 2, 3 and 4. I've never played this, and wouldn't be that excited about going through the effort of getting it on my pc, but I would be hyped for a remake!

  30. Ooh I remember me and my cousin taking turns playing this game back when he still had his ps1 and when he lived near me watching this makes me want a dino crisis reboot

  31. Regina was the first "video game crush" I had when I was 14, and still is a bit to this day

  32. 1:28:46 The music you comment on here is 100% an homage to the track “Tunnel Chase” from the Terminator soundtrack. It’s great.

  33. hey! 2023 here. halloween is coming up and I was wondering if you had any plans on picking this game up where you left off? be super stoked if so. You're the best!

  34. Dino Crisis 1 and 2 were some gold level of games.

  35. I got a wave of nostalgia when I heard the roar from Jurassic Park: The Game in this video, I used to love playing Jurassic Park: The Game before it got shut down

  36. A modern, new dino crisis set in like Chicago or something would be so sick! City scapes like in the last of us but with dinosaurs starring an older, grisled Regina kinda like Linda from the newest Terminator movie, only actually a badass not a marysue. Frickin hiding from a family of tyrannosaurs nect to skyscrapers or under a city bus… it'd be so sick!!

  37. I love Dino Crisis 2. I have it for Playstation (the og of course) in the original japanese and it was a real chore to find what you had to do, but man what a game. I was hooked. There is a part were you go underwater and there are some young mosasaurus the size of crocodiles chasing you, scary as fuck.

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