The Quiet Kid Be Like…

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In this video, I show what the quiet kid is like when they play too much Cod and start reloading cardboard guns.

Here is the purchase link for the Wrenfield if you are interested:

Shellington Labs website:

Aman Studios takes no responsibility for any damages or losses incurred with the use of the 3D printed Wrenfield Blaster. The blaster and accessories were provided to Aman Studios free of charge by Shellington Labs. The cardboard guns shown in this video are toy replicas made out of cardboard.


  1. ศันสนีย์ มาชมสมบูรณ์ says:

    actually im a quiet kid and im working on a paper gun

  2. Could I buy those cardboard guns. They look real nice

  3. That 3d gun looks like the rifles the military has in South park 😂😂

  4. Its just a toy not a real gun 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Youtube really put that this is promocional content bc of the “toy” word on the guns 💀

  6. Yeah thats for his "pretend" call of duty irl

  7. The quiet kid in gifted elementary school- 💀

  8. why does it say “toy” on the cardboard guns

  9. Am i a quite kid if i follow all the criteria but didn't kill someone yet?

  10. i thought it was a game because it looked like one👁👄👁

  11. The quiet boy might pull out a real fokin kalashnikov

  12. quadius tripledick williams the fifth says:

    lmao i can't process how much of an idiot youtube is

  13. Quiet kid at my school makes paper swords

    I’m honestly going to hide when he turns 18

  14. I remember when i as quiet kid i bring gun toy

  15. You ain't a professional quiet kid if you don't make your own crabide and bolt ammo along with a gun

  16. is it bad that i'm known as the quiet kid in school?

  17. It's quite impressive how he was able to make toy guns out of cardboard.

  18. The last one is the real quiet kid be like😅


  20. Wth I’m the quiet kid in my class and I don’t make paper guns

  21. summons a 230 fps nerf gun from his inventory

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