The HARDEST Super Meat Boy Achievement

Welcome to the second installment of Ratio Retribution – a series where I 100% some of the most difficult games I can find!

This time we’re playing Super Meat Boy!
A phenomenal platformer released back in 2010 by Team Meat.

Full of incredibly difficult challenges that will have you pulling your hair out in RAGE!

I had the idea to make a video on this game back when I completed the game in FEBUARY! But alas…

The universe did not want me to finish this video… A script re-write, The release of Starfield, 2 weeks of being sick, getting a cat and of course good old fashioned procrastination pushed this project back from August/September all the way to now.

But now the grind is over – I’M FREEEEEEE!

And I SHOULD be producing content at a more consistent rate!

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Intro: 00:00
Achievement Breakdown: 02:14
The Forrest: 04:23
The Hospital: 13:15
The Salt Factory: 19:35
Hell: 25:58
The Rapture: 32:57
The End: 45:55
Cotton Alley: 48:15
The Dark End: 53:45
The Dark Alley: 57:35
Outro: 01:02:57


  1. love the typo in timestamps, very cool

  2. I think the last world is called "cotton valley" because bandages are made with cotton.

  3. Your channel and video is popping off and i am so happy to see the youtube algorithm doing its thing, you really deserve it man and i cannot wait to see where your channel goes from here 🙂

  4. God this was like a fun little trip through the game. I had a lot of fun doing meat boy 100%. You should try and play back those levels you beat with The Kid with Meat Boy. They're hard but rewarding

  5. absolutely banger video. 100% subscribed. great idea for a series with great execution and i’ll be sticking around to watch all of them

  6. i dont think u know there is a 6th glitch level in the end world >:)

  7. I won't probably 100% super meat boy, just don't have the sanity to do it. You're the legend

  8. i love how he just cuts the warp zone sometimes that it just screams the first 2 letters or only "WARP-" and then cuts off. its really funny

  9. I would recommend Edmunds other platformer The end is Nigh But I dont know if it's on xbox, it's one of my favorite platformers of all time

  10. where the no hit achievements and golden gift?

  11. It's kinda funny how many sound effects I recognize here from McMillen's arguably-bigger game, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, which is also quite the goddamn journey to 100% in itself would recommend
    I have about 700 hours sunken into that game with the full Repentance DLC – I'm only getting vaguely close to its """""true""""" 100% achievement, Dead God (I have to add "true" because every DLC for the game has its own Golden God-type achievement and I've heard another completionist complain about it with how Steam isn't smart enough to track your percentage based on the DLCs you actually own) – and sounds like the sawblade projectiles breaking, explosions, and even the bandaid collection sound have been deeply ingrained in my head after all those hours because they're also used in similar contexts in Isaac

  12. If you haven’t gotten a comment telling you this yet, it’s called cotton alley because bandages, hence bandage girl, are made of cotton. (Also good bloody vid)

  13. Compared to most achievement or 100% games channels, this one is my favorite mostly become its more laid back and I think is way too underrated.

  14. Last time i checked this had 17k views, now it has 54k views. Congrats on 50k views and 1.5k subs!

  15. good shit jake! holy hell i knew you were working on it but i wasnt expecting a video from it!

  16. I Probably should say that this game has 2 versions(final versions). There's a steam version and a console version. The only difference I know about is the characters. I wondered why I don't have gish unlocked until I realised that instead of gish you get that wierd chicken thing from half life. And wow it's crazy the difference in the characters. STEVE is in the pc version. Fucking Minecraft steve.

    EDIT: OK I think there are these challenges ingame which uses some of the console characters

  17. but what is a "true achievements" score and a "gamer score"

  18. I think it’s called cotton alley because you play as bandage girl and bandages are made out of cotton 50:42

  19. The flow on this game is so grate very few get on its lever
    You just feel the movement

  20. If you think this game is strange you shoild plat the binding of isaac eds project to torture his fans

  21. Could be cotton because cotton's a part of a bandage.

  22. 2 minutes in and I'm subscribed with notifications on because I can't WAIT to see more of this series. Your quality level is incredible! You have the production of a seasoned content creator already. I'm psyched to see more!

  23. As a steam version player this platinum was pain

  24. If you had fun with this, you should get all the achievements on another edmund mcmillen game call the binding of issac. It will probably take you longer to get them all.

  25. This is cool! You're definitely right about how Xbox got it easy with the achievements

    Congratulations though!

  26. The true hardest achievements are in the PS4 (and Steam) version, where you must beat each world without dying.
    The one for beating the cotton alley dark world without dying is only 0.37% (As opposed to 3% for Golden God in this video)

    Maybe a follow up video for the Platinum Trophy? 😉
    Also this is a great video on one of my favourite games.

  27. Great video, mate! Made me check Steam to see how many achievements there are. 48. I'm not that much of a masochist.

  28. Congrats on finishin smb. So – Crypt of the Necrodancer next, i guess? ))))

  29. Man, i used to be SUPER SCARED of Zuma as a kid and was crying a lot when my mom played it.

  30. Ohh i remeber the Kid warpzone i was around 13 and i got stuck and after hours of trying i got through the first level just to realize that i had to go to bed and to school the other day and after some arguning my Patents gave me the okay to keep the pc on standby xD

  31. Algorithm blessed you. Subscribed I love this kinda content

  32. As someone who got golden boy on xbox its quite terrifying trying to go for it on steam beating the game without dying would be such a slog 😅

  33. cotton alley is named that likely because bandages are commonly made of cotton.

  34. I recommend Cobalt. It's one of the few games still on the Xbox 360 store.

  35. stellar vid bud, I've also had a change of heart over the last few months and generally try to go back and finish games I had started years ago now, just did bad company mp grind for example man that one was rough

  36. If you want to play an actual sequel to Super Meat Boy, you want "The End is Nigh" by the same lead.

  37. Congratulations. Though, I thought this game had QR

    Also, I'm fine just watching Celeste players do C sides… Though, I may try to complete B+…

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