The Greatest Newgrounds Flash Games of All Time

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What are the best flash games on Newgrounds? What contributed to the culture and legacy of the Newgrounds of the past and the present?

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  1. It's a browser game where you are a samurai and you have a bird or crow (btw
    It's in 2D) in which you can control both the guy and the bird to solve puzzles and fight enemy. If anyone knows the name if the game I'm talking pls pls do let me know
    Thank you

  2. Newgrounds Rumble,i remember playing that game all day with Madness games too

  3. Oh if you are bored with newgrounds rumble, try my little challenge. Play as a henchman with 2 other cpu partner grunts and fight hank on the Nevada stage. Super difficult because the grunts die in like 2 hits. Also put the mode on the most difficult mode for better cpus

  4. Me : "what about THSC [The Henry Stickmin Collection]??? *

  5. Alien hominid is getting a secuel from the behemoth November 14 2021

  6. Madness was one of my favorite video games period. I've never played Nexus. I only ever enjoyed Madness interactive. They had better versions. I saw the new one on Steam and that's actually what lead me here.

  7. Does anyone remember swag ? That game where you can rob houses lol

  8. Pico scarred me for life. Came across it when I was 11 and ran away from the computer when I came across all the kids bodies

  9. Thanks fnf community, you ruined everything I once loved

  10. No representation for the one genre I used Newgrounds for growing up. Dating sims. I still enjoy Pico Sim Dates 1&2 every now and again and am excited for Pico Sim Date 3.

  11. if you see this please help me i search that game with the price of my llife ( and sory for my enghlis but i am romanian ) there was a guy with a sword i remember you can colect some point i am not sure if they where coin and with those point you could upgrade the sword if i am not wroung and you needed to fight some guy that i realy dont remember that is all i remember so if you see this please help me i need the game

  12. Everytime you try to pick up any kind of item be like: cat noise

  13. But heey, PORTAL PANIC is the best game, don't lie!

  14. I am looking for a game that I played for 2010-2012 on an internet page called Play 181 that was about this stickman who ran on a 2D platform like the old mario but who in his running path found power ups and could fly or take out A dragon and always on the left hand of the screen there was lava from which the stickman ran, I have the images in my head but I can't explain it very well, if someone knows what game I say write the name please and thank you.

  15. My favorite newgrounda game hobo lmao

  16. Fnf definitley brought alot of people to newgrounds

  17. When newgrounds was in its peak, I was an innocent little girl and any time I saw blood in a game or cussing I would shit myself in fear. I kinda wished I got to experience newgrounds when I was younger, I did play that one buddy game though. My friend told me that if you got the guy to max sadness, he would die. I’m still yet to know, but said friend lied a lot so probably not.

  18. Proverbial console exclusives ? You mean, just, exclusives…

  19. Wow how could you not include Sonic RPG???

  20. Epic Battle Fantasy and The Last Stand were also insanely innovative flash games. A full on, extremely customizable JRPG with amazing graphics and scaling system AND a survival "open world" zombie game were simply ridiculous for their time.

  21. I'm legit watching this on the 10 year anniversary of Project Nexus. Jesus, time flies.

  22. Thing thing arena, skull kid, and it was one more I don’t remember the name but bruh new grounds had the best games and the adult content 😂

  23. If anyone comes across this… does anyone remember a game that had similar music to Berserk? If not outright using some of its soundtrack/theme music. All I can remember is that its martial arts.

  24. At least they were not libtard and retarded like most phone games

  25. Wait till you play legendary dress-up game when you realize you're serial killer kidnapper


  27. The Beat sync in madness part is just chefs kiss

  28. all these games work fine on ruffle, newgrounds proved it can outlive flash

  29. I remember playing a game where you shoot Jesse the weird skinny MTV VJ! 😅😆😂

  30. I still can't find a game where you play as a girl with turquose long hair and you can make copies of yourself, and it's really hard to beat this platformer game

  31. There was a game I can’t remember the name for the life of me but it was about a cheese sausage

  32. my tier list though, it's golden. Filled with newgrounds flash games and much more concise.

  33. Everyone always forgets about Kitten Cannon easily one of the top five flash games ever.

  34. “Problematic” what a dumbass word. Basically a game thats not pc means its good nowadays.

  35. Yo someone remember The name of a fighting game that The characters have Just Head and hands? The map plataform elevators it's a fighting game with items to use to fight like rail Guns bombs and etc?

  36. Alien Hominid was one of the first indie games ever made which continued to other people on XBLA to now

  37. You were either a coolmath kid or a newgrounds kid

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