The Downfall of Fortnite Battle Royale

Ever since the Fortnite Battle Royale player count peaked in Season 4, Fortnite has been bleeding active users. Now that we’re in Chapter 2, Season 3 of Fortnite, I wanted to find out why the game has been losing players. This documentary will attempt to answer that question.

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  1. The reason I lost interest was I wasn’t able to play it on mobile and I just had an empty vibe whenever playing which was eerie and nerving

  2. none of the updates were that bad most of them were fun just pussys want shotguns and endless building boring af

  3. I love how this video ends right before C2S2. Y'know, the season everyone thinks is the best season ever made.

  4. I started playing in season 7 i hated the planes and the infinity blade i stopped playing in season 10 becuase it was so bad

  5. Fortnite hasn’t died what happened is the game changed and people got better which cuased all the casual players to move on to other games the game is still so popular it will be popular for a long time

  6. Crazy how 2017 will soon be 7 years ago… feels like yesterday man

  7. I remember player the game back at the end of the original season 3 and it was fun for like 2 or 3 months then they took away the swamp dick move, dick move.

  8. I feel like there was always something to hate of in every update

  9. Thank God. I don't hear about fornites dog shit game anymore. Might as well slap an 18+ sticker on coco melon. About time that " game" died

  10. I used to hate this game because it was cool to hate it, then I actually played it, and it's really good. They constantly update it, have many game modes and creative maps, and actual lore.

  11. I can't even play the damn game I like building but I hate it when I shoot one bullet and then some literal 4 year with a twitch tag builds a massive fortress and makes a hole in the wall before I have time to react

  12. Nowadays we have build spammers and aimbotters man how the things have changed

  13. Fortnight still alive I don’t know what you mean?

  14. seems to me like people are just gonna excuse themselves for the skill gap and quit the game simply bcs they couldn’t keep up lmao

  15. 21:02 I don’t care how broken that weapon was, the clip looks satisfying as hell

  16. After chpt. 2 Fortnite lost me I didn’t like the map change

  17. Here in chapter 4. Gonna reply to this in chapter 17💀

  18. If i had to give a reason, it’s because the original player base left, and the game is now completely unrecognizable to those players.

  19. i still play it from time to time, but not as frequent anymore. Biggest regret was joining mid season 5 chapter 1 so I missed the OG seasons

  20. and we are here in fortnite chapter 4 season 3 😂

  21. I started playing from early season 1, when I started seeing the map get weird stupid updates and ppl would start building a castle to fight me I had enough

  22. 4:00 “relatively unknown epic games”? My guy what?? They just made 3 super mass multiplier 3rd person shooters called Gears of War? Wtf do you mean unknown? Millions of copies sold? CliffyB and epic essentially popularized a whole genre and you are calling them unknown lol

  23. 10:41 that music hits diff bro take me back to 2017 onwards , life was too fucking good just cuz of this game alone

  24. Gaming is like 1 big triangle the rise is the way up the tip top is its peak and the downfall is the way down

  25. It was really the streamers and toxic players that ruined the game and then the idiot developers listened to them

  26. i think chapter 2 season 2 was the best season i was able to play with people at my skill level and it was so much less complex then it is now. love your videos btw.

  27. At the time this video was realised, i still didnt mind fortnite and played it. Now i play 1 game and then im instantly bored.

  28. It’s not actually dying. What do people who they play the game it is

  29. I used to like fortnite break. So bland like what happened

  30. I only play with my best friend to have fun

  31. i stop playing aster 5 or 6 but i wanted to play it again 2021 kicks in and everyone stop playing it in my school so i guess it was trash i install it and holy moly it was a big mess all those up and down was actually a big road straight to hell if they make a new season that goes back in time to season 4 5 or 3 that will be the a big big rise i think anyway cya

  32. You should do a fall of destiny 2. I would watch that so hard

  33. You should do the fall of destiny/destiny 2. Pls pls

  34. I did not play Fortnite in it prime I play now and I still think it is a amazing game I think it has gotten better but all of the YouTubes got mad at it and just stopped playing and I think it ruined Fortnite

  35. But to agree I think Fortnite has to many updates and it changes to much but I think it has gotten better and it doesn’t have super overpowering gun but it lost popularity and no one trust it anymore but know it way better

  36. Every time i hear the pro player/content creators are upset, I just don't give a shit! Creators need to adapt to the game they play, not vice versa!

  37. I had played fortnite since 2018 up until 2020. The Game wasn't fun anymore, people were maturing and so was i. Looking back at it i miss those days playing with friends and staying up late

  38. I think people just need to get good and stop overreacting and just have fun 🤷‍♂️

  39. Fortnite fell out of favor with a lot of people because it got too popular. Fortnite started as a humble PUBG-like game; then it spread like a plague. The Fortnite dances were quickly adopted by the masses; especially kids and teens. YouTube Gamers milked the game to death; especially Ninja. Finally, other game developers added Fortnite-like features to their games in an attempt to draw in Fortnite players.

  40. Update: It's gotten even worse, guns are now secondary and are a minature part of the game.

    It is literally a super power testing simulator at this point.

  41. This game gave me some of my best memories when it came out. Left in season 5 never looked back. Loved the game for what it was, hate it for what it is now

  42. I don’t get why google search volume is the data used here. Not saying what’s presented here is not true, but I don’t see how google search trends can prove decline in popularity. Why would people frequently google search on a game they constantly play?

  43. It's just funny to me that a game called "2 weeks away" did well.

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