The Best Tactical Shooter I’ve Ever Played! – ZERO HOUR

Checking out a new Tactical FPS game which is really starting to make waves called Zero Hour! This is not your typical run and gun shooter. It’s a thinking-man’s game where strategy, planning and good teamwork is essential! I’ve played many tactical shooters over the years but this one really surprised me! Leave a like if you enjoy the video. Thank for watching!

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About the game:
Zero Hour is a tactical FPS with online team-based game play that takes place in a variety of fictional locations interpreted in Bangladesh with Real-life scale & resource management. It brings a grounded, close quarter combat experience to the game. Zero Hour a serious slow-paced tactical shooter where good teamwork, tactics & planning is important. This is not a run and gun game

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▶ The Best Tactical Shooter I’ve Ever Played! – ZERO HOUR Gameplay


  1. Game is absolutly dead, you'll be lucky to match up with a player to chat with while u wait.

  2. i have a QUESTION how can you hear other people? because when I play the game (I am new) and I go into a public lobby I CANNOT HEAR ANYONE ON THE RADIO

  3. looks poor quality,but then again gaming is going rapidly down hill.

  4. Hello Tom, im your new follow, i remember i was watching your videos when i was a young kid… And now im here again and im really happy to see you playing on of my fav games

  5. I am a Bangladeshi and I can say that it is the first game developed in Bangladesh which hit in other countries

  6. Haven’t watched the vid yet but am very excited. I loved the clean house mission from Warzone and wanted more like it. I’ve played that level a handful of times but didn’t know of any games that were like that. Also really loved the stealth missions from the spec ops missions in the old MW games. Stoked for the vid and maybe a new game. Love the content man! Keep it up!

  7. Sometimes it's a good idea to practise a bit and train your reflexes.

    Shooting Practise (Oculus app lab) is pretty good.

  8. if only there was a game like this but it has the same mechanics and gunplay as eft

  9. The game is legit, we all must honor the GOAT… and the roots of this game, Rainbow Six

  10. FFS , I'm gonna have to build a PC /Laptop – Playstation is Rubbish

  11. ME: watches you play for 1 minute
    me 1 sec later: How muxh is this game…0.0

  12. I need something like the original R6 single player games for the PS5

  13. I remember when I was 10 I play this with my Aussie mates me personally I’m from Iraq and they were soo nice to me so what I’m trying to say is here players are so nice I miss them

  14. Game is terrible and is almost abandoned. Nice shilling though.

  15. okay that game look really sick,
    But another game you should try is "Ready Or Not"
    Caus ive had alot of fun with my friends on that game, it is coop tho

  16. I want this game on steam now

  17. Zero Hour's got great level designs and some cool features like the Rainbow-six style rappeling. Really wish it would get some more polish though. Tons of off model weapons with random recoil patterns, really dumb AI. Hand grenades and NVGs on the same key…

  18. It’s very unfortunate that this game is VR only. I can’t play VR due to it giving me massive headaches. They should’ve made a version of this game playable with standard TV and controller…

  19. I bought this game today because of you. Thanks so much for introducing me to it.

  20. Hi! Thank you for this video about the game. This game reminds me to old R6 memories from 3 years ago. When I started the game, there was Vigil, Dokkaebbi and Zofia season. I thought R6 was the best FPS game ever, I've ever played, but I realized R6 is fallin' down like CSGO, and this game "Zero Hour" likeable for me, because not this game "rush and shoot" type game and the versatility and the blueprint for burglary is very good, I think. And about the video, to the point and collected. I liked it! 😁

  21. Bro I got this game because of this video but it’s literally so boring. There’s like 1-3 enemies per map. It sucks.

  22. hmm … ready or not looks better and feels better

  23. no controller support on steam why? servers in brazil are very bad

  24. I found this channel not to long ago and I fucking love your content
    It’s entertaining and you commentary is good!
    I’m definitely returning for more content (I found your ready or not videos and fell into a binge of your videos and I regret nothing.)
    keep up the good work
    Love from Sweden

  25. Sadly this is what rainbow six used to be and they lost their identity with siege and ruining all the franchise.

  26. Yo man, goose here, I must say I'm happy you're giving the game some much needed attention, I can definitely see it growing substantially in the future and being endlessly improved upon by a loving development team. Both games I've played with you have been the most fun I've had on zero hour, in all honesty I had no idea the games were being recorded but I'm glad I made myself look good, ggs bro.

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