Teammates with the tea 👀😂☕️

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Was playing some call of duty rebirth when I realized one of my teammates was talking about a former relationship…

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  1. That's true my ex cheated on me with someone else for 2 year's crazy how ex's wants see how your life doing me I block my ex gf moved on

  2. Woman are children. Advise from other children friends, who thought that would be great. Revenge, but apparently moved on with someone else. Children. Be strong kings.

  3. Ex does that I’m flexing wild bands in front of her new man’s and tell him she wishes he was a better version of me😂

  4. Maleek a real one saying we can post a bunch of females

  5. Bro, I need my cod lobbies to be like this

  6. Didn’t know u can use mic like that. Is it usb ?

  7. I mean she’s not wrong but that’s some bad cringe initial reactions for a woman playing a game lol

  8. This has opened so many things in front of my eyes that I didn't even thought about

  9. "We just scared her"

    Noo that's all you dawg.. 😂

  10. "We just scared her"

    Noo that's all you dawg.. 😂

  11. Yooo that’s a w for that man’s bro. Give that man a stay toxic medal , that’s real one

  12. These boys are learning. Female crave attention and drama, there’s nothing more to it.

  13. No Homie….YOU JUST SCARED HER 😭🤣🤣🤣Baby come come back…

  14. Funny thing is she is still thinking about you. The fact she is trying to make you jealous is a scream for attention.

  15. Strong virgin energy from all parties including the "cute" girl

  16. Holy shit dude yu sound like a girl good lord

  17. "Hey at least she told the truth, But yeah Malik"

  18. He noticed the girl, harassed her, laughed it off about objectifying her then go back to being miserable his ex left him.

  19. Funny how he arrived at the same conclusion as you, but he didn't acknowledge you as a person. I like how you told him what was up tho lol

  20. What’s bro do ethnicity cause him say nigga don’t sit right wit me😳

  21. White boy said she with whole another NIGGA 😂😂😂

  22. Haha men tea ☕. 😂😂 , I felt him tho. Tbh

  23. That sounds like the most whitest man saying the n-word.

  24. My Dream Wife is a woman that can game with me. Let me know when you wanna Fish in Far Cry New Dawn.

  25. Did he just say the n word…. because he don't sound black

  26. Not white people thinking they have rights to say nigga Tf 🤦🏽‍♀️ let someone black hear him say that he’s getting smoked.

  27. So many people in comments loving the fact that this dude sexually harassed this girl after she said one sentence. Y'all need help

  28. And you accepted like a 🤡 my man.then looking on her posts 😂

  29. Bruh imagine being that petty, as if her new relationship is gonna last acting like that💀

  30. That was a white dude saying the n word. Or that was the most whit black man ever

  31. White boys try so hard to seem cool on duty by saying nigga😐

  32. 😂😂😂😂😂 I’ve watched this like a hunnid times I’m rollin

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