Surveillance, body camera footage from Ocala school shooting

Surveillance, body camera footage from Ocala school shooting (Marion County Sheriff’s Office via WESH)


  1. 30 fucking years in a prison cell, why would you ever decide to throw your life away like this

  2. everyone just seemed super annoyed at him

  3. I don't support what he did but 30 years in jail was way to extreme

  4. 3:55 “it’s a great day to save lives” how prophetic.

  5. Every time the officer looks at or talks to the shooter he's like "What the…!!". Poor guy has to function while trying to process the complete bizarreness of it.

  6. Mental illness and guns are not a good combination.

  7. That is a Drill.. How stupid it all looks..

  8. Y would u wanna ruin your life like this by shoot up a school like u could have done many things with ur life but no just had to school up a school bc someone probably called u out for wearing fake Nike

  9. Too bad this officer wasn't in charge in Uvalde. He ran to danger and handled it. ❤️

  10. Wall says:

    Well to me, it isn't.
    Killing is good.

  11. This could've ended with many innocent lives lost but the shooter couldn't go through with it but i can't say the same for Nicolas Cruz who opened fire and still didn't realise what he was doing was evil seeing people die that boy is a sicko

  12. is someone recruiting these kids(listen closely) ? but 😳WTF Need Better Methods so confused disorganized the ignorance is amazing , all those kids would of been killed , he instructs them to go out in the hallway , blower my mind . Untrained officers 👮‍♀️ is Embarrassing!!

  13. Man’s tryn talk his way outta it 💀💀💀

  14. I had no idea how many school shootings the USA had. So disturbing and sad.

  15. In many other countries in the world he'd be worried about where his next meal is coming from, not 'bi' polar crap. While he drives his own car to school!

  16. Glad to be a millennial stuff like this never happened when I went to school. Damn times have changed

  17. So sad that we even have to have law enforcement in our schools cause of idiots like this.

  18. Thanks to this officer for stopping this before it got really bad and for putting his life on the line to protect these kids

  19. Imagine the carnage if that first responder officer wasn't there…it works placing an armed officer on every campus…

  20. When did Cleveland become a cop

  21. This officer has to tell the fuckin bitch to lock the school down? WTF no wonder this happens so easily

  22. The officer isn even running and he can barely breathe omg lol how embaressing

  23. thats the worst school shooter ever lmao.

  24. I think the guy had remorse when he fire the first shot! Amd that's a good thing. Because he had the ammunition to kill a lot of students.

  25. The shooter is a psychopath saying things he thinks the officer wants to hear

  26. This officer doesn't know wtf he is doing this is probably the biggest case he ever had

  27. This coward goes to a old high school to kill children what a fucn loser hope he burns in hell

  28. The comments making excuses for this grown loser shame on you trying to give what he did reason saying depression or not liking school I'm disgusted

  29. Should of blew him back no questions asked like you do black people during traffic stops or sleeping in there own homes

  30. It was all jokes online now this mf wants to act like he has cents plz

  31. His fucking excuse was I’m sorry I wasn’t raised right what a fucking pussy ass loser bruh all school shooters are just fucking pussy ass losers if you fuckin know you weren’t raised right and your aware of it than your aware that you have the power to change yourself instead of being a dumb fuckin pussy and try and shoot a school up like what the fuck is that going to do but ruin families and innocent lives fuckin god that bothers me so fuck like they shoulda turned they’re body cams off and beat the fucking shìt outta this dude that’s the only fuckin time they should do that

  32. Okay but April 20th? He idolized columbine . Obviously.

  33. Can you say false flag!!! This is “kid” Is definitely a planted operative!

  34. I just clocked something, when they opened the first door that had the thing blocking it it opened outside so even if they baracaded it the shooter could still open then door 🤦🏾‍♀️ that makes no sense what so ever but I'm from UK so is that normal in US coz for a place with guns and numerous skl shootings you'd think they'd do at least ONE thing smart 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  35. It’s ironic how the wall says it’s a great day to save lives 3:53

  36. My mom is showing this to me all of these videos day before school so it can spread awareness

  37. Wow. Show this footage to the cops in Texas who did nothing while kids were being shot.

  38. Imagine if a wall painting said it’s great day to live all jokes aside this is sad

  39. Seeing this right after seeing the video of the 12 year old Black boy who was arrested shortly after being sent to the car by his mother (Yes, I know you Justifying Justaliars claim he vandalized McDonalds or Walgreens when you saw only the manipulated video someone needed to show for racist or other nefarious reasons.), here is what your own do! Now, where all the "bad parenting; you can tell he has no father in the home; fine upstanding citizen; bright future ahead of Him" comments?!!! Where??!!!

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