Superhot VR

Superhot is an over-the-top, stylistic FPS that blurs the lines between cautious strategy and unbridled mayhem. Time only moves when you move, creating a unique bullet ballet that is brought to life with Touch. Your every gesture and movement lets you dodge bullets, disarm enemies, and return fire in a way that has yet to be experienced in gaming.

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  1. Oculus exclusive? You lost me there. HTC Vive master race.
    Edit: Screw me. It's been 3 years since this comment. Glad to see it's on the vive now.

  2. Lame exclusives without justification.

    Of course it will be made to work using some kind of program anyway.

    Say no to PC exclusives.

  3. Would be better on Vive … but still looks pretty sweet!

  4. Exclusive? Dislike. Good job killing off your own medium you idiots.

  5. I love these OCULUS hater like for real just fuck off go hate on playstation instead they are going to have a lot more exclusives then oculus

  6. I see this in my suggestions.


    sees punching a guy


  7. I just want to know, why do people hate oculus? Do you think they stole htc vive? What is it?


  9. I can't wait to add oculus touch to the experience…

  10. Back in march 2014, Facebook announced that they were buying Oculus. This was the day I knew that despite waiting for VR to finally become good enough for 25 years; I would not be getting an Oculus rift and supporting this evil company. I understood very well the privacy implications; but people said, "oh but VR is just a monitor for your face; they can't have any kind of exclusivity for that or special drivers you have to install; do you install drivers for your monitor?".

    When Facebook said they were going to be selling the Oculus rift at cost to keep the hardware cheap; that was a warning klaxon that should have told you to stay the fuck away from it at all cost. If they're not making money on hardware, they're making money somewhere else. They're either selling your data or they are building some kind of walled garden. That was obvious back in march 2014.

    Facebook has the reverse midas touch. Now they've turned their attention to PC gaming, and guess what? They're trying to turn it into a shitty console. Those games you've bought on Facebook's store will not remain playable without getting a Facebook headset; so the next generation you'll have to contend with two head sets that do not play nice with each other or you'll get another Facebook headset. At Facebook's grace they may allow you to play them using hacks like e.g. Revive but there is no guarantee and all bets are off. That's called vendor lock in. And if some games only worked on an ASUS monitor, you'd tell ASUS were to stick it; there is no reason for you to sit down for this and take it up the ass.

    If you have an Facebook rift, you now have high framerate, wide angle, IR cameras; essentially IR go-pros, in your room controlled by Facebook's software. If you get Facebook touch, you'll have another such camera in your room. This is the same company that listens using the microphone on your phone to try to identify what you are doing/listening to/watching when you post an update to facebook. I wouldn't get so comfortable with those cameras.

    The next generation will have eye tracking and foveated rendering. The driver will know where you are looking, for how many milliseconds you dwell, and they'll know what the object you are looking at represents because this isn't a real environment where it is hard to identify; it is a simulated environment where you know what the objects represent. You will be entrusting Facebook with this information if you ever want to play the games you bought of Facebook's service.

    Facebook is bad for VR, and the sooner they go under the better it will be for PC gaming.

  11. People who have HTC Vives are so jealous it's great XD

  12. I think a lot of people in this comments section should cool their jets. Instead if hating on one of the headsets, wait for touch to come out and calmly compare the two headsets when they're on a level playing field. Once touch comes out, the two headsets will have very similar capabilities and we can just hope devs will release for both.

  13. I guess it's only a matter of time before we have BenQ and Dell exclusives.

  14. cant wait to play it in my rift in full 360 tracking fockers^^

  15. I really don't care about the shit that's happening with the community, its SuperHot in VR, i'm getting it. Fuck yes.

  16. Why do so many peope hate oculus rift? Probably a lot of 12 y/o retards..

  17. This isnt an exclusive, it's coming out on vive later

  18. soo, the regular game doesn't get throwing stars?

  19. You can’t get the baseball bat though

  20. id like to say the contract in the pc version is unenforcable and void the contract moves so fast it is illegible and therefore unenforcable superhots contract is illegal on the reason of illegibility and the illegal punishment of breaking such agreement

  21. entrance hidden by bricks and rubble



    – | |

    | | |

    | | | saddam hussein

    | | | |

    6 ft | |———————-|——————

    | ▅▅▅▅ | |

    | | |██ ██▅▇██▇▆▅▄▄▄▇ |

    | | —|——————————————-

    – air vent |


  22. BREAKING NEWS: Suicide Rate Drops to Zero After Indie Game Developers Remove Content!

    This developer decided that they had a change of heart years after they released the game and removed certain content that we paid for. Many people can't review this game on Steam Now and if you complain about it or request a refund they just ban you from the forms and don't answer you.

    Never trust that this developer again. They are scammers and many would consider them thieves.

  23. Played the demo today, and am now sweating like mad 10/10

  24. Hi Zoe, sounds like the game is really Superhot. 😂

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