Super Mario 64 as a First Person Shooter

Super Mario 64 has always been a near perfect game…
Luckily, the game just required a rocket launcher to fix it up.
Huge shoutout to @MixMorris for creating this beautiful nightmare.

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Thank you to my friends who were scarred by Gun Mario
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Intro Peach VA

Miscellaneous GFX

Outro Animation

Outro Music


➤ Super Mario 64 Soundtrack:
➤ SADX (Sadness):
➤ Sanctuary Guardians:
➤ Moonview Highway:
➤ Halo Theme:
➤ Final Hours:
➤ Home – We’re Finally Landing:


  1. Why does Alpharad turn on the Mexico filter when he’s narrating

  2. You get an M16. Next level, top o' the town


  3. Adriana just horrified about what you are doing

  4. I like koopa the quick scoper cuz he’s just jo

  5. Tbh I came here from YuB's gun mario video

  6. looking back this was probably the beginning of the renaissance for alpharad's channel. Everything started to feel a bit more personal from around this video onward, and there's been very few misses

  7. I spend too long on here. like 10 hours per day says:

    The best way to hold a shotgun with absolutely zero reputations after firing

  8. Not trying to be a nerd but crash 1 was released before mario 64 i think

  9. If this was sonic it would be seven glocks in hand

  10. Remember kids. Violence is not the answer.

    It’s the question.

    And the answer is yes.

  11. Imagine dying in the credits such a skill issue

  12. 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙰𝚌𝚎 𝚘𝚏 𝙷𝚎𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚜 says:

    Nah bro killed the bird JFK style

  13. Alpharad where do you think you will go when you die?

  14. 6:55 When that flying son of a bitch won't stop snagging you hat.

  15. I love how when you find the big pianta you go from halo to doom ost

  16. Hey wait could someone please explain that white room in the mirror room? what happens there?

  17. editors note: FUUUUUCK is still one of my favorite bits in Alpharad lore

  18. I was honestly expecting the funny Vietnam music when you picked up the M16

  19. The game ends with Mario getting beat up by Goomba. 😂

  20. Imagine if the original game had a school level

  21. before 1996 tthe earth was flat
    this is an interesting quote

  22. Honestly, I like how water levels look most of the time but I hate the actual gameplay. Is this the same as everyone else?

  23. Hey Jacob, you should play New Super Mario Bros for the DS

  24. (in a loud noise) 👍✨✨✨
    mario HAs A GUN

  25. There’s something oddly wholesome about Alpharad saying he would shoot Adriana without hesitation if she was wearing a bullet proof vest

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