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The cast and creators of Stranger Things – Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Sadie Sink, Priah Ferguson, Joe Keery, Maya Hawke, Joseph Quinn, Winona Ryder, David Harbour, creators the Duffer Brothers and executive producer Shawn Levy – sit down with host Felicia Day for a full-spoilers official after show for Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2, as well as hints as what’s ahead for Stranger Things Season 5. Get ready to head into the Upside Down.


  1. Charlie Bradbury interviewing the Stranger Things folks is perfect.

  2. I shit myself when Caleb said his wife texted him lmao

  3. When is stranger things season 5 coming out?

  4. A person from my other favorite show interviewing cast from my new favorite show??? I might weep

  5. Wow they are so surprised, No wonder they talk about it like they are still confused,
    Sadly TRULY needs to see how much her theme song pretty much impacted her death and finale
    I'd pay to see all of them react to the finale!

    (The reason they didn't watch it for most of the cast is, After being on screen some actors have a habit of leaving it there and not watching there work, it's a surreal moment because you know yourself, So others may see awesomeness but you will be very critical, I couldn't watch myself in a music video for a long time because Unless i'm editing I just have issues trusting another editor lol , That is amplified for actors who are unaware of the final product.)

  6. A high school dropout has a math degree (iykyk)

  7. I thought brenner died in S1 I was so confused when he came back

  8. why does she sound like the vegan teacher

  9. Season 5's Max song will be Metallicas "one". That would be sick AF!

  10. ohh so thats why they had to remove max for a bit so we could have the original group + el together


  12. Watching this I just realised something…Lucas and Dustin are vulnerable and possible victims for Vecna since they are grieving max and Eddie's deaths

  13. i just want another lumax kiss and for them to be together and happy that's all i'm asking for😭

  14. Scooby doo Gang was my absolute favourite cartoon I watched as a kid in the eighties.

  15. We need to have a episode of Steves life and backstory.

  16. The duffer Brothers better bring Eddie back!!! WE WANT EDDIE BACK!!! WE WANT EDDIE BACK!!!!

  17. At 23:25 it's obvious that Mike's monologue is cringe, and I feel Finn and the others know that too

  18. I haven’t seen Will Byers on any of the interview 🙁

  19. Joseph Quinn is just so adorable for stealing that guitar just shows how attached he was to the character Eddie Munson which makes Eddie even more adorable

  20. I love the story about Robert Englund, that guy is a living legend. He gave me goosebumps in his scenes his voice is just crazy intense

  21. Did anyone catch the "bye Felicia" at the end of Millie's interview.

  22. i find it so funny how papa is so jealous of hopper 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂 i loved that part of the interview so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. The scene between Eleven and Papa and her not giving him the satisfaction of saying "she understood" literally broke me!! I remember sitting there thinking omg this man's character is so horrible, but why am I soooo upset right now! Was awesome seeing them talk about that scene! 🥰😍

  24. when Eddie died I called my friend and got like water and then Sadie starting snapping

  25. THE TlMESTAMPS :)!!
    THE DUFFER BROTHERS-[the creators of the show]: 1:3316:29

    FINN WOLFHARD, GATEN MATTARAZZO, PRIAH FERGUSON, SADIE SINK, CALEB MCLAUGHLIN [mike, dustin, Erica, max & Lucas] : (my personal favorite part) 16:3930:25

    MILLIE BOBBY BROWN & MARTIN MODINE  [Eleven/El/Jane & Papa/Dr. Martin Brenner] (them talking about the show, out of studio interview) :  30:4339:21

    JOE QUINN, MAYA HAWKE, JOE KEERY [Eddie, Robin & Steve]: 39:2747:03

    SHAWN LEVY [EXECUTIVE PRODUCER DIRECTOR] (him talking about his favorite moments and his loce of the show/out of studio interview):  47:0951:25


    Hope this helps, took me some time to do. Show some luv :).

  26. What if they do some sort of time jump to find eddie and bring him back to present time then he's back… just saying there is already a bunch of fantasy stuff why not add time jumping. Am I wrong?

  27. I think the beginning of season 5 for max will be in her mind. I’m hoping we get more background with her and billy before Hawkins in flashbacks.

  28. One of the best metal guitar players in the 80's was Eddie van Halen. He also looked like Eddie. Coincidence??

  29. It was written he had to die, for no reason

  30. Some more Suzie + Her crazy family next season

  31. that hairclip in millies hair seems like such an afterthought. whoever put it in her hair needs to get fired 😀

  32. No Offense but what the hell are the Duffers thinking???? If they wanted an irrelevant character WHY they brought Eddie to come and join the team to fight? NO hell no, you can't compare Eddie with Bob, just No. They made a mistake killing Alexi in 3 and now they gave us a weird finale where everybody is just fine back from the upside down like magic! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  33. Even Murray got several seasons but NO Eddie, oh well…

  34. I wish Chrissy would have lived, she was clearly into Eddie when they had that moment during the drug deal negotiations in the woods together early on in the Season. I think Eddie hooking up with Chrissy might have upset that jock character who gets split in half at the very end more than her dying lol, he would have went crazy much sooner to know Eddie was smashing Chrissy.


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