Stranger Things 4 Vol. 1: Unlocked | FULL SPOILERS Official After Show | Netflix Geeked Week

The cast and creators of Stranger Things – Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Sadie Sink, Priah Ferguson, Joe Keery, Maya Hawke, Joseph Quinn, Winona Ryder, David Harbour, creators the Duffer Brothers and executive producer Shawn Levy – sit down with host Felicia Day for a full-spoilers official after show for Stranger Things 4 Vol. 1. Get ready to head into the Upside Down.

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  1. Is it just me or Eddie's actor's face REALLY looked like young Robert Downey Jr's face?
    Would be great if Marvel cast him as Tony Stark from other universe, as he's also a great actor.

  2. Please let Will be directly involved with killing Vecna.

  3. season 4 was no doubt my favorite season amazing 🎬

  4. I think they should make a game based on the stranger things show. An asymmetrical horror game would work well because they have plenty enough characters and each character has their own special traits. Steve for example is good with bats and things you can swing. Nancy is good with guns. Jonathan is good with hand to hand. 11 is obvious what her special is. Max has her skate board and can use it as a weapon. Will could specialize in hiding and camouflage. Hopper could have a gun specialization and also have like a berserker trait. Dustin could specialize in building and crafting weapons. Mike would be like a leader character and he could buff the rest of the team. And they have all kinds of villains they can choose from. I’m not big on asymmetrical games but this one I feel could work also they could just make a normal rpg too

  5. Not me caring more that its Felicia Day lol Listen, I just love Charlie okay… lol

  6. They should have chosen the same host as Beyond Stranger Things, this one sucks

  7. At about the 27 minute mark, they talked about Scooby Doo, they never cast Scooby, I vote for Gaten as Scooby, he did have a good connection with Shaggy, Joe Quinn.

  8. I want eddie to come back and eddie is coming back in season 5

  9. Wow I see the shoot out scene much different with that description wow the effort everyone took was amazing honestly too excited for s5

  10. Damn millie in those blk leather boots and mini skirt Babygirl grown up Fr

  11. CHARLIE! ❤️ Love how her references are barley '80's!

  12. Love David and Winona also David Playin WOW. Night Elf Warrior, Norad. makes me so happy. lol

  13. mazes and monsters is the tom hanks movie that david harbour was talking about. Yeah that was a really good movie in 1982.

  14. Where is noah?? i only skimmed through but i can't see him… why is there everyone but him

  15. The best memories of his life were in middle school?! Can’t relate. 😂

  16. Joe Keerys(Steves) scene with Nancy in Ep 9 was so impactful for me! I like Jonathan but the relationship between Steve and Nancy is SO relatable to me. I thought Steve was gonna die for sure, but i think him or Jonathan will FOR SURE die in the final 5th season! I'm, not a DIE HARD Stranger Things fan or anything, but Steve and Max are my favorite characters STILL after Season 4!


  17. Duffer's will always be legends to me simply for including Metallica, Dio, KB, and KISS in Season 4. Thanks guys.

  18. Joe Keery has that Johnny Depp kind of look to him. It’s working in his favor 😊 He’s dreamy.

  19. I absolutely loved the gun fight. It was just so amazing and it was so real. Like I was on the edge of my seat watching this scene. Amazing acting and camera work right there

  20. I love how small winona is, she is soo cute!!

  21. She is NOT velma. She is definitely Daphne.

  22. Wish this was longer. It obviously is but just cut 🙁

  23. her interview of David and Wynonna is amateurish.


  25. y was noah schnapp put in the description when hes not even in the vid

  26. I wish Felicia Day was on the show. 🎻

  27. I love Stranger things but every season Joyce's house gets thrashed!

  28. I had a feeling Joseph was British this is the first time hearing his real voice!

  29. Wynona's condusion during the WoW talk and SIms talk was wonderful!

  30. Some feedback for the cinematographer: if even the actors have to squint too see what's happening in the show: YOUR CINEMATOGRAPHY IS TOO EFFIN DARK. QUIT DOING THIS, WE WANT TO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON

  31. This show just became darker and more disturbing year after year, literally nothing good in this show anymore. Hope the actors keep their sanity going into season 5. Just contributing nothing good to the world at all.

  32. why are all the male characters weak, stupid , and insulted by every single female character in this show? by episode 7, I'm rolling my eyes and having to fast forward through some sappy Sesame Street dialogue. "The message" is all over this script, and that's the only thing that kept this show from being a great throwback. I lived the 80's and I can tell you there's 1 -2 character that don't belong and are not true to the time period. The dialogue needs work, It's live action Scooby Doo so give the men some dignity, I understand, without them there's 0 comic relief. Also you're killing off the wrong characters! The audience needs more on the line 4 seasons in. Plz don't ruin season 5 with more of "The Message".

  33. Idea: Millie Bobby brown for the biopic of Carrie Fisher.

  34. Me clicking on it because it's CHARLIE!!!

  35. aghhh more of David and Felicia teaching Winona about WoW pls

  36. Vecna after this season whenever "running up that hill" plays somewhere:

  37. i love how comfortable they are with that amazing interviewer, she seems so sweet

  38. i wish they included noah in this interview it almost makes me feel bad 🙁

  39. Ι love spiders, heavy metal and playing basketball.
    I also love Tolkien, board games and riding with my bike.
    So…What team ami I in Stranger Things Universe????

  40. So much of Stranger Things is “borrowed” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer it’s hard to appreciate their “vision”.

  41. Interviewer interupting 🙄I'm tryna hear about Tom Hanks.

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