Steph’s BEST 3’s from HISTORIC Shooting Stretch! πŸ”₯

Stephen Curry now has six games with 10+ threes this season. No other player in NBA history has more than five such games in their career.

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  1. Imagine thinking Bill Walton was greater than this guy.

  2. "Curry does is again!" Anyone feel Mike Breen's favorite player to call is Steph?

  3. Stephen Curry has always been my favorite basketball player and athlete in general. I love to see him shoot but I also love his inside game. And yes, he is the best shooter in the 🌎

  4. curry, monstrueux, il a revolutionne le basket

  5. jordan the goat , lebron second, durant, curry, harden

  6. le basket nba n as jamais atteint ce niveau, c est incroyable

  7. tony parker, le meilleur en playoffs, cf chris paul, 5 MEILLEUR passeur ! 9 IEM meilleur marqueur en playoffs , bandes de ptit cyclope

  8. 85 three's so far this month. That's a f@%king insane number. How this man isn't getting more MVP consideration is beyond me.

  9. 13:48 George Hill has the look of utter defeat. Didn't even try to get back to contest the shot.

  10. Steph: ops sorry I thought it was a ball I just threw the mvp trop in the ring 😜

  11. Who cares. Bigger stuff going on the globe then basketball

  12. Strength is useless now in basketball because of curry you dont need to sacrifice your body to score 3points is enough that why lebron is so jealous πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ to curry and curry inspired the small guys like me basketball not only on big guys thats the fact 😊😊😊πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  13. Just imagine that when he retired and anyone edits a curry's whole career 3s combo, if one shot takes 5 sec, how long that video will be? near 6 hours?

  14. there is players whose career highlight tape is 13 mins this man has 13 mins of him shooting in 10 games not to mention the layups in these games its just amazing

  15. Nothing like steph curry shooting 3's like only steph curry can

  16. He is the best shooter of all time no doubt, but he's only allowed to carry the team not the ball lol 7:45

  17. He is my greatest player nest shooter of all time!

  18. 6:40 I'm so sorry for Campazzo, that would've been solid D on any other player

  19. While watching SC highlights I always watch the opposing player that is guarding him and their reaction to his INCREDIBLE shot-making. They normally show amazement, disbelief, or dejection.

  20. Sheesh….I was a shooter in my day…but this dude is a psychic sniper lol

  21. Always Giving Me Goosebumps , When They Say " The Baby Face Assassin " .

  22. the real MVP and of course the real GOAT

  23. The greatest shooter in the universe. Steph shoots like he controls gravity!

  24. The little warriors went from champions to chumps in just 3 short years. Now that's amazing.

  25. Best player ever idc he’s more skilled then anyone ever. He’s not just a great shooter.

  26. Omg if klay was here with just klay and steph this team would've been at least a 5 seed that shows how powerful they splash bros are I can't wait till klay comes back

  27. When I need to sleep I don't count sheep. I watch long lazy arcing threes from Steph. So many of them…

  28. I like how the other team isn't even bothered, they're used to this kind of shooting from steph so everyone is just like "its steph, what you gonna doπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ".

  29. Curry is the MVP! It isn't even close. Him being on the floor changes the game.
    No one is even close

  30. They will be talking about Stephen Curry for the next century.

  31. Tired of the disrespect from d green. He's an amazing defender and passer. Elite asf

  32. Point guards is the offensive tempo. Curry is the tempo. Hes my #1 offensive pg of all time. Magic was insane but let's be real. Curry is the man

  33. He's movement without the ball to create space for his self Amaze me.

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