Stat Check – 37 – Vengor Launch Detected

Week in and week out there’s 40k happening. Stat Check exists to be your buffer against all of that by providing everything from high level commentary on the meta and game design from some of the best players in the world, irreverent takes on things only we care about, and a wholesale disregard for anyone who says that simplicity doesn’t work. Only two things are guaranteed: we’ll talk about the week in stats, and the show is 90 minutes long.

Anthony, Innes, and Nathan take to the live stream at 10pm UTC/6PM EDT every Tuesday. The show is available on YouTube and anywhere podcasts can be found.

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  1. I still can wrap my head around Tsons doing so poorly. I think the pro players just left and the people left dont know how to properly build lists to score secondaries. Being pushed into Warp Ritual caps us at a 97 when armies like WE and IH are free to get 100.

  2. Great podcast, excited to see you boys at clan wars!

  3. Love the content! Timestamps would make it even better

  4. An entire episode with Brian and I'm still not clear on how to pronounce his last name 🤔

  5. Very informative content! Always looking forward to the next episode.

  6. You talked about a wraithknight list run by Duda around the 42 minute mark, I have searched around and could find nothing any chance you can link the event or list me? (Can’t understand the event name in the recording)

  7. Nathan reading the wrong tab without marines first was honestly just good build up

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